When Robert Plant & Garfield came to my defence

I went to the airport this morning to pick up a friend. Pretty early in the morning actually. 5.30 am! Which is rather Gestapo-ish, considering its Saturday.But then, she is a very lovely human being.She speaks to my soul because she says she would choose chocolate over Brad Pitt. Forced to choose at gun point, she ‘d improvise and get out of this sticky situation.How? She would have both! Brad Pitt dipped in chocolate.There, you go.A smart, thinking, new age woman .

Anyway, I am digressing.Basically, I want to report this conversation between me and a trying-to-strike a -conversation types-lecherous-raunchy-paunchy-stranger.We are both sitting in this cafe@ the airport.

Raunch-Paunchy stranger: * Smiles*

Me: * Blank Face*

Raunchy-Paunchy stranger: *Waves at me *

Me :*Mumble arse hole into my coffee*

Raunchy-Paunchy stranger: * Does these strategic maneuvers to sit at my next table*

Me: * Un-sheath my claws*

Raunch-Paunchy stranger: Hello, my name is Gaurav.

Me:See pic below.


Raunch-Paunchy Stranger:Are you waiting for someone?

Me: No, actually I am a ghost. I haunt airports in the morning. I look  for single, lecherous males and trap them to drink their blood.

Raunch-Paunchy stranger: * Shocked. Stupid expression*


Well, you know women always have the last word, right ? And me is always powered by Garfield & Led Zeppelin. So , I hissed ‘aaanh–aaah- aaanh-aah” aka Robert Plant ( Immigrant Song refs) and struck this pose ( See pic below).


The rauchy-paunchy guy was thoroughly cowed.Beaten.Slunk off.

Go Garfield! Go Percy!

Well, I am off to bake a classic pound cake  for my friend.We shall have that with tea in the evening. You have a great weekend, guys 🙂 Watch this. The Gods sing! http://youtu.be/RlNhD0oS5pk




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