The Yellow Ribbon

 Beautiful  Sunday morning today here in Delhi.Slightly overcast sky with the sun trying to shine through, making the trees look an incandescent green. Layla, my rescued Great Dane girl and me go for real long walk every weekend mornings. That is to make up for the relatively shorter walks we do on weekdays with my other dogs, who being smaller breeds ( actually my English bulldog girl , Jigar, being a bloody lazy bum) or being handicapped ( Jill, my rescued Boxer girl has three legs) do not require strenuous exercise. Anyway, Layla loves these ‘only our’ walks.Major bonding time for us 🙂

I shall write about Layla in great length some other time. But very quickly, she is a gorgeous chocolate-y black Dane girl, about two and half years old. She was terribly abused,starved by her previous owner who possibly either had kept her for breeding or now I suspect  to use in dog fighting 😦 She has been with me for almost a year now and is a complete joy.She is also fiercely protective of me. However, because of the abuse and pain she was subject by the previous m*****f***** owner, she has  some aggression issues , especially with teenaged boys/young adult men. Possibly, she had been teased and tortured by them. She has settled down and coming to terms with it slowly, but she tends to react violently if a young male comes close to me.Trying to protect me, I feel,my beautiful warrior princess , Layla.  So on our walks, I am very .very careful.

This morning there was a little chaos on our walk. A young man, around 18 or 19 years old, with gigantic headphones and a Justin Bieber ( EWWW) T-shirt came jogging towards us.All would have been well had he just passed us by.But he stopped to look at Layla and admire her and before I could warn him, stretched out his hand to pet her ,gushing about her lovely coat etc. Layla snarled and was ready to pounce on him,but a strict word of command from me , stopped her. The poor  shocked guy had also backed  by then.

Layla quietened down with my reassuring pats and I turned to explain and apologize to the guy.Although shaken, he responded courteously saying that it was his mistake! I was genuinely impressed with his understanding and empathy and we got talking. I found out that he is very fond of dogs and feeds the strays in his locality, supports and volunteers at the local shelter.Laughingly, I told him Layla probably went for him because he was wearing  a Justin Bieber T-shirt!The guy looked confused. So happily  I gave him a short lecture, as we walked, on the type of music he needs to listen to. Classic Rock,puh-leez. Told him about Led Zeppelin.And I have decided also to gift him a Led Zeppelin T-shirt. By way of apology.AND TO MAKE  A KID OF TODAY  GET TO KNOW REAL MUSIC 😀

But my primary intention of writing this post is to make anyone reading this aware about the ”The Yellow Dog Project”, which I came across on a friend’s Facebook post.It is such a brilliant idea!

“The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement for owners of dogs that need space. It hopes to educate the public and dog owners to identify dogs needing space, promote appropriate contact of dogs and assist dog parents to identify their dog as needing space.Yellow Dogs are dogs who need space – they are not necessarily aggressive dogs but more often are dogs who have issues of fear; pain from recent surgery; are a rescue or shelter dog who has not yet had sufficient training or mastered obedience; are in training for work or service; are in service; or other reasons specific to the dog.The Yellow Dog Project seeks to educate appropriate ways to approach or make contact with a dog with permission of a dog owner only, whether or not a dog is a “yellow dog”. They also seek to promote the use of yellow ribbons to identify yellow dogs needing extra space.”

Read more about this project here:

When I looked at  the map of existence/implementation/spread of the ”The Yellow Dog Project” idea, my country, India, drew a blank. This concerned me because I felt people need to be made aware of / educated about  a dog needing space too. It would tend to avoid mishaps with the dog, the owner and the public.

This is such a brilliant awareness program and I hope this becomes popular in India as well.Please do your bit to spread the word in whichever country you are in and the people do not know about this project/idea. I am  going to do it for/in New Delhi,India.

This evening, Layla , will have a yellow satin ribbon, around her neck. Soon, she will no longer need it because I am working on her /training her on her discomfort with young male adults.But till then, I want everyone to be safe and happy 🙂

Oh yeah,  for those of you who know my/about my English bully girl, Jigar, with her famous J-Lo butt in Victoria’s Secret..well Ms Bossy Pants also wants a yellow ribbon, to make everyone aware of her  as a ‘lean ( hehe), mean ( yup, she steals my pizza)  sex-machine  ( ummm). She sends everyone reading this blog the song she is jiving to currently.This one :

Cheers, guys! Rock out 😀


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