Unexpected Intrusion Of Beauty

Mid week makes me feel damn restless.By Wednesday, I really need to re-fuel to be able to get to Friday, without causing damage to the many morons I come across daily. On my morning walks, at my workplace, at the zumba classes etc. Thus, Wednesday mornings normally begin with Sabbath and no breakfast. My bloody cook is on my sister’s (the gorgeous sister unfortunately has the  DNA of Mussolini+Hitler+ Stalin+Chengis Khan etc) payroll and he rushes to inform her about any deviations from the cruelly prescribed breakfast for me i.e. either oats or sprouts or papaya or dehydrated ( read: no ghee) parathas. I have told my cook that I go to the temple on Wednesdays to pray for my sister and she is not supposed to know about it…erm…the special puja demands this  and also me  being on empty stomach for the Gods to be  extra benevolent. The cook thankfully is convinced about it and this is possibly the only marker of my ‘goodness’ in his eyes. Otherwise,he believes my parents probably sinned heavily in their previous birth to have a daughter like me . Alright, that takes care of the snitch on Wednesdays 😀

Re-fueling and resultant  re-charging is invariably done with breakfast at Big Chill Cafe ( Khan Market) which is pretty close to my workplace. Their Colombian Mocha Shake is so divine that it fills me with peace.Their Pasta Carbonara again has excellent homicidal reducing tendencies.And the ambiance at around 10am is perfect.Un-smokey, clean with a pine-wood scent of the floor cleaner and normally my kinda music is played.The pace is  cool and unhurried.The hip waiters have become good pals of mine too.

Well, this Wednesday morning, I walked in to find an elderly couple ( almost 80 years old) sitting at my usual table.They were dressed in all finery and  wore  clothes which would have been fashionable in their days of youth,perhaps. Still the clothes were well maintained and I felt stood out proudly and gracefully.The lady wore a beautiful single sapphire pendant  that must be costing a fortune. I contemplated kidnapping my boss and holding him for ransom to be able to afford such a pendant. Then I gave up the idea because I am sure the boss’s family  would possibly be supremely excited to get rid of him and wouldn’t part with a single penny   😀

Alongwith the elderly couple sat a young boy of say  six  to seven years of age.By this time, I had seated myself close to them and shamelessly eavesdropped.The little boy’s name was Krishna and it was his birthday.It was he who had brought his grand parents for a treat. He was carrying his piggy bank ( a rather smart one shaped like a Formula I racing car). They  all ordered , with the little boy loudly giving his suggestions about ”the best” and the grand parents abiding by his wishes meekly and happily. Presents were opened  too.And along with Krishna , I almost whooped as the shimmering gift wrapping paper came impatiently off to reveal  customized, leather bound volumes of ”Amar Chitha Katha” comics. What a gift!

I was getting late for work, but I lingered on. Had a second Colombian Mocha Shake too.

The waiter gave the bill to Krishna. The little boy’s face fell.He emptied the piggy bank and seriously started counting the money. He was short by Rs 980/-. I watched to see how he would handle the situation. Krishna borrowed his grandfather’s mobile phone and called up his Mommy. Said ” I need to borrow Rs 980/- from you.Will you please send it with the driver? You can cut Rs 100/- off from my monthly allowance. I will not borrow it from Dada ji or Dadi ji ( grandfather & grandmother) because mera style puncture ho jayega (my panache/style will take a hit) “.

Was I impressed? Oh man, totally. With the kid’s style, manners and thoughtfulness. With the beauty of the bonding between grandparents and grandchild. With the feeling that the old people have not been ”forgotten”,however un-intentionally. With the fact that people still have time and wish to be together in a city which  deplorably contributes  to  feeding and increasing alienation.

So Saul Bellow said “Unexpected intrusions of beauty. This is what life is” ( Herzog).

I witnessed beauty this morning.

(For today ONLY, I have thus forgiven my boss’s annoying goose-on-a-bad acid trip-cackle of a laugh)


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