The Dark Knight Rises: Bruce Almighty

The new cook  walked into the living room with my coffee today at around 9.30 am this morning.Suddenly, I heard a ferocious howl. Bruce Wayne, my little black miniature pug boy, jumped off the sofa and charged at him. It was a hilarious sight because the new cook is a 6ft 2″, swashbuckling chappie from Chennai. (He is called ‘ Mahalingam” and has helpfully told me that I can call him  ”Lingam”. Ummmm ,Blush and Jeez! I am quite stumped. ‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for phallus. )

The cook ran for his life. And I teared up.


I remembered the Brucie of  two years back, when I adopted him from the shelter. I had gone to the shelter with my sister to have my English Cocker Spaniel ( also adopted, her story for another day) checked by my very fantastic vet . We didn’t notice a little black pug sitting quietly on the table near the vet’s main one.As we were about to leave, the pug sort of dragged himself to us and laid a paw on my sister’s hand.


( Notice his hind leg paralysis & awkward posture)

He  was around 4/5 years old, had a bad skin condition and had hind leg paralysis so he couldn’t stand up.Some guy saw him on the streets and mercifully got him to the shelter. He had been there for almost a week with no takers . Till date, I don’t know whether the pug mistook us for his previous owner, recognized us from some previous birth or it was just an appeal to be taken away from the shelter and be given a home.

We returned in total silence.I already had four adopted dogs who were special needs K9.’You won’t be able to take care of him with your busy schedule, you know. He needs  a lot of attention and care”,  gently remonstrated my sister. Blinded by my tears, I nodded.

Nothing more was said.

However, I took to visiting the shelter everyday after work to see the pug.(normally I go the shelter on weekends, because of a terribly busy work schedule)There was no fixed time of my visit as such, but the pug would be there waiting patiently  and would  brighten up when he saw me .There is this very sweet para-vet girl who would help me put medicated lotion on him and feed him biscuits and milk. This continued for almost 15 days and life fell into a pattern.

I left for a short trip to London.Just a break to see part of my family who live there and of course the Beloved.Somehow, the trip wasn’t all that fun.

Back to New Delhi and catching up with work meant that I couldn’t go to the shelter for some time.

When I finally did after twenty odd days, I found the pug lying listlessly in a corner with vacant eyes. The food in front of him was untouched.  The para-vet girl told me that he was refusing food and sinking gradually despite all their efforts.The fellow perked up a little when he saw me, but with none of his previous enthusiasm.

I came back home. It was a Sunday and plans had been made to have lunch in  a posh  and expensive restaurant. The Yum-Yum tree.

Extended lunch happened.Some good friends joined us too. Much food, much wine, much laughter. But I felt empty. I wonder if any you get that feeling sometimes? Being alone even in a crowd?

I excused myself abruptly.No one thought there was anything amiss. The family and friends are pretty used to my arrogance. Read : I am completely spoiled by them.Including my nephew, who is twenty years younger to me, but pampers me rotten. *Sniffs.I love that kid* 🙂

I went straight to the shelter, gathered up the pug in my arms and never looked back.


( The day he came home)

I named the pug Bruce Wayne. It was about this time that ”The Dark Knight Rises’ was released and playing in the theaters. I love Batman by the way. Dark ,strong and  tender .Hubba, Hubba. But, I digress. Sorry 🙂  I wanted the pug to rise too…in health yes, but most importantly in spirit.

Which he did, eventually.To have become to day , my little protector. He is fiercely possessive  of me and  considers himself to be the sole guardian of my home. Its a funny, heartwarming sight when he charges at ”strangers”, like my new cook!

Bruce’s skin infection has been completely cured. His coat is glossy and black. His hind leg paralysis is also 99% cured, with the medicine and advice of my vet. I fed him bone marrow soup for months to strengthen his spine. And massaged his legs with  a special Ayurvedic oil that my Uncle uses for his arthritis.( Its a horribly expensive oil and I shamelessly stole it. Well, my Uncle is stinking rich and stinkingly  un-compassionate. So, I actually  aided rectifying his karma indirectly, non ? 😀 ) Because of damage to his spine, he had urine incontinence for some time.In fact, I had to use diapers  meant for a new born human baby. We don’t get doggy diapers here in India , unfortunately. Although the Beloved gallantly offered to courier them to me from London 😀 * Sigh. I love that man* 😀 Well, the neighborhood pharmacist did get concerned because I kept buying the same size diapers for quite some time! Lol, the poor man must have  imagined that I am starving the baby. I wonder what would have been his reaction had I told him that it is for the pug? 😀 Thankfully, Bruce got cured of this problem as well.

308495_10151048319618716_2138468846_n       1231415_10151634937288716_1235626598_n   1044708_10151529094208716_1193103041_n  548375_10151120099483716_1055753367_n

( Early days of recovery. He would sit in a carton box so that my other  rowdy dogs didn’t stomp on him. Bonding with Jill, my Boxer girl))

Bruce does not and will not need wheels. That’s what is beautiful and miraculous about his recovery. His left hind leg drags a bit. But that gives him lots of attitude and style. In fact, he struts around, like Mick Jagger 😀

Below are some ”now” photographs of my Brucie.I love him so much!


( Stands on all four legs ) 🙂


(Watching CNN-IBN.His favorite news channel.He is  a keen follower of politics and a damn good analyst 🙂 )


( The Batdog )


( Gimme Red! Rawwwr!)

Appeal to anyone reading this post/blog: Adopt,please. Don’t shop!

Hasta La Vista, guys 🙂

And yeah,this as always:



26 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises: Bruce Almighty

  1. fantastic story.. Love your humor and style of writing.. And of course your heart of gold.. God bless always.. Keep smiling..🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👏👏👏

  2. I wish there are many more people like you. I feel absolute respect for you. Hope Bruce dude is healthy and as cheerful always 🙂

    • Hi Shilpa:) I don’t think my family will second your wish of ” more ppl like me” :)) Joking! Thank you 🙂 Yeah,Bruce dude is rocking & snacking on watermelon cubes as I type 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Thank you for being you. This lifted up my day. I haven’t read anything on the internet for a while that did that. Now will go through your blog archive and look forward to more posts. Can you give Bruce a little doggie treat from me?

    • Hi Anna:) Thank you! Its gonna be Friday nite soon…so yeah,Brucie will certainly have a slice of cheesy pizza 🙂 Yes,pl read about my bulldog girl Jigar ka Tukda ( blogpost: Piece of my heart), Aishwariya,my blind cocker girl ( blogpost: Wabi sabi your life) 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Phenomenal, God bless you lady. I hope we can provide shelter to every dog.
    Every family needs a dog and every dog needs home

  5. God bless you. One thing to buy (the worst of sins), another to adopt (acceptable), another altogether to adopt knowing (s)he needs love, care and healing (noble). We adopted an Indi pup (Chutki we named her), and she is the sun and moon in our lives.

  6. This blog of urs left my heart warm with love and respect for u. There are people who talk about rescue and other stuffs and then there are people who “walk the talk” and u r one of those “rare” one. Salute to u and a big tight hug to Bruce darling.

  7. Hi! Reading your blog on Bruce has made me so happy. I love and care for animals myself and always find it encouraging to read about people like you and dogs like Bruce : )
    Your style of writing makes Bruce’s journey seem like a journey of victory from the start.

    Thanks and Best Wishes!

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