Intelligence and Appeal

Some days back, I asked my Facebook friends this : “Question for my wise & learned FB friends:Is intelligence a desirable or required trait for hotness? Gender neutral question,plz.”.

The question was prompted by two related incidents . 1. A recent FB friend told me that  my Bohemian stance and intelligence ( ?) prompted him to be friends with me. I used to talk to him on an absolutely fabulous music & culture FB page of which he is the admin ,but he was not a ‘personal’ FB friend. 2. A favorite coffee mug of mine, gifted by the Beloved, reads ” Hot & Literate”. As I sipped coffee that nite at the wicked hour,I thought this question needs a deeper probe.

The answers of my FB friends were varied and interesting. I guess anything which has the probability of  increasing hotness sends everyone zinging 🙂 Some of these answers are re-produced below:

A)”Intelligence(with the absence of pretentiousness) is SUCH A TURN ON, as is humor and compassion”

B)”Too much intelligence may be a dampener too ( borderline nerdism)”

C) “IQ keeps a relation going ….because it makes companionship interesting and interactive .
No role of IQ in a quickie burst of big bonfire which gives lots of heat and than dies quickly”

D)”Marilyn Monroe had the hots for Einstein, apparently – maybe that fact alone answers the question”

E)”But, no matter how much we legislate, and no matter that I totally agree with sexual equality, I still have to say that biologically and psychologically traditional roles still have a lot of influence over attraction (at least initial attraction) – and that is just part of nature. Guys like to feel like the protectors and valued as the problem solvers (whether lifting ‘eavy things (etc) or just issues). Vulnerablity and the need of a ‘protector’ from a woman (not in a pathetic way – in what was considered an old-fashioned feminine way) is very attractive to guys (if guys are being honest!) In my time I’ve certainly known some very smart modern women to use that little act to attract guys, by appealing to that primitive dumb cave-man need that most guys have… Sorry if this is not too popular! I’m of an older generation.”

F)”Depends on how you define ‘hotness’. The physical side of hotness requires absolutely no intelligence. And, then there are enough ‘small’ men who find intelligence in a woman inhibiting! There could be magnanimous beings too who say, ‘I’m intelligent for both of us, so you don’t have to be!”

G)”Intelligence is a turn on but not sure if it’s a must”.

H)”Intelligence is definitely required for hotness in both sexes. As w/o intelligence there will be much boredom no matter how hot physically the person may be. As having great sex is most often occurs with intelligent people. More to sexy than looks & I agree Reid over Morgan” (Reference to the TV show ‘Criminal Minds’)

I)”Tops the list of desirable traits in a man for me…I doubt it’s absence in a man, no matter how good looking physically, can sustain my interest.”

 J)”Absolutely. When they’re dumb as a post hot becomes lukewarm the moment they open their mouths, rapidly moving towards ick the longer you have to be with that person”

I deduced some important stuff from all this talk.I haven’t included all the comments because they were either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. These have been ,however,included in the deductions . I of course, assume that everybody spoke the truth and what they actually feel.

1. Women felt that intelligence is a necessary quotient for hotness.To my surprise ( and I am a wee bit chastened) that men do too.

2. Too intelligent a person can be intimidating.

3.Intelligence is not really a key factor in short term affairs. Its necessary for the keeps-ian relationships,guys and gals.

4. Many smart women pretend to be dumb to appeal to the man’s inherent protective and cave-man instinct.

5. The bedroom or whatever room is going to sizzle if your partner is intelligent.

6.Physical hotness has nothing to do with intelligence.

Well, each view will have its takers and has some grain of truth in it.In the end, its all very subjective. Personally, I prefer Dr Spencer Reid over Agent Derek Morgan 🙂

But again, I leave you all  with a set of pictures that are intelligent or/and hot. Did you veer towards intelligence or hotness ?Answer truthfully which made you go mhmmmm  🙂

200415493-001             OR Woman-Reading-Mujer-Leyendo


312020_1               OR e14b2829a480e8fc650da8350543c486

( All photos or copies of paintings are from the Internet)


Ciao, guys .I am back to sipping coffee 🙂






4 thoughts on “Intelligence and Appeal

  1. I think that the photos aren’t good choices for deducing “hotness or intelligence”. What if they’re *all* reading books about quantum physics?

  2. It may be that what a person notices first says something about whether that person is a reader or not, but what if everyone was posed against a whiteboard full of equations? Or holding a musical instrument? In the interests of proper research, I think you should post more photos. Lots more photos.

    • I should have added that what the prop is (a book, a whiteboard, a musical instrument) might bias the viewer depending whether he/she, for instance, liked or disliked what the prop was, thus not really revealing anything about hotness. Or something like that.

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