Oh, you bloody humans!

Human nature  and its study deeply fascinates me. Seems to be a heavy kind of statement and heavy kind of a blog post for an absolutely fabulous Sunday morning out here in New Delhi, India. Even the Gods are singing ‘Wish they were Here’. The plants in my balcony are green and smiling. The sun is gold and mellow.The cook is  surprisingly in a good mood and has offered to make ‘pulao’ and ‘shahi paneer’ for lunch.The dogs are quiet and watching the  National Geographic channel. The maid is putting warm, coconut oil in my hair.Robert Plant is howling divinely that he wants to be my backdoor man.Ooh!

Majority of the homes would be having a near perfect scenario like mine albeit with differing parameters of happiness. Sundays, globally are treasured,right ? People are just being happy and content.

Except for a few people whose actions and attitude I find deeply malignant and sadistic. These are the ones who send you those  positive text/sms unfailingly every morning, sometimes during the day and just before you sleep at night. Most of the texts have painful words ” Wok is God”, ”Forgive your enemy’, ”Embrace the faults in others”, ”Time and tide wait for none” ,’Smile in adversity”etc etc. Nothing inspirational like ‘ Chocolate is salad coz cocoa is a plant’,’Screw the boss’ ( not literally,pl), ‘Kill thy neighbor” etc. Such senders of malicious texts I ave noticed get all excited on a Sunday. They are free and have lots of time to plot more scary texts. Like the one I received this morning @ 6 am which read  “ARISE, AWAKE, SLEEP NO MORE; within each of you there is the power to remove all wants and all miseries. Believe this, and that power will be manifested”. It is a quote by Swami Vivekanand, whom I do admire deeply.But somehow it  didn’t feel very motivational at 6am, coming from a person who is an absolute ignoramus ( euphemism for a***h***) but has immense powers of Googling and enormous amounts of  free time on a Sunday.

That also brings me to the creepier dimensions of such texting.While the ‘send to all’ is relatively comforting because you realize many have been harassed, its the customized ones with ‘Hi/Dear & your name’ plus the message by acquaintances/people you barely know  which totally freaks me out. I mean why is this guy remembering me ? What is he remembering about me ? The problem worsens because I have a habit of storing names on my mobile as ” Rohit Car Repair guy”, “Danish Theater ticket wala” etc. The ones I know may have their names stored as ”  Kapoor Office MCBC ( short for you know what)”, ”Mr Arora Neighbor Moron’, ‘ Arora’s Fat wife’ etc.

When  such people didn’t use their mobiles much,they traumatized you by the email forwards. Remember that?


( Photo from the Internet)

Today, they are the ones who also use social networking cruelly I feel. They send you mindless game requests. They add you to strange groups without your permission; some  friend added me to a group ”Naughty @ Forty”.Jeez! They sign you up for ”Causes” & ‘Petitions’ that are totally random. Research by me has also shown that these are the people who mostly use the annoying ”Poke” button on FB and that too @ weird times. This harmless looking chap , whom I have un-friended now, would ‘poke’ me at 11 pm unfailingly, which made me wonder if this was a fetish! Eeek!

Sometime back there was this brilliant post doing the rounds on FB . How to flummox annoyingly spiritual people/unwanted guests/perhaps your in-laws/most certainly your neighbor asking you to lower the music  etc  who show up at your door. By having a lethally potent door knocker.


( Photo from the Internet)

Perhaps, such extreme measures are needed for  people who send you either unwanted or annoying texts. It seems many of us are victims of this New Age crime. I was surfing the Net and found  this http://imgur.com/L0E5w

Over & Out, fellas 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oh, you bloody humans!

  1. I think people feel that all that poking and posting and sharing are a substitute for having F2F relationships. It fills people up. It’s kinda like the Hamburger Helper of friendship.

    I’m not sure it’s malicious… not all of it. Some of it maybe. True that I don’t want to see inspirational anything first thing in the morning. Well okay then.

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