Adopt Happiness

Some days are really special. Like today, when I log into Facebook after a little  hiatus and see this pic.


This is the picture of ‘Kade’ who has been adopted by my Facebook friend and his partner from CUPA ( Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, Bangalore Pets for Adoption).

I will tell you the story behind this.

Around 2009, my friend and me became Facebook pals. Over the years, a virtual friendship evolved to a comfort level in which he could tell me how to make the perfect filter coffee. I haven’t  met him till date ,though.

Animals welfare/ rescue /adoption are my favorite  topics for Facebook status along with  the magic of Led Zeppelin and of course mooning over Jimmy Page. My friend would always like the posts about my beloved animals and lead an indulgent  virtual ear to my  ramblings about them.

When I started to blog ,I naturally wrote about my rescued and adopted babies. There are  my four girls: my English bulldog  Ms Jigar Ka Tukda,my Boxer Jill,my Golden Cocker Spaniel Ashlee Aishwariya,my Great Dane Layla. And yes, after a line of girls in a row, I kept trying for a son,like a typical Indian woman 🙂 Then I was blessed with Bruce Wayne,my little black miniature pug boy 🙂 All of them have had terrible pasts of cruelty, abuse and abandonment. But today, this ‘Motley Crue’ is a force to reckon with in the neighbourhood!

After reading my blog post about my bully girl Jigar, called ”Piece Of My Heart”, here is what my friend messaged me in the FB inbox “You write oh-so-well Dame!And, I must confess something.I am an absolutely no-pets person. My partner has always wanted to have a pet at home but I hadn’t agreed to it.(Yes, even after having known you here for quite a while and having always liked your pics of your darlings)And, yet, after reading your write-up about Jigar-ka-tukda, my eyes welled up. I felt I have done something wrong all these days – of not allowing my partner to have a pet as desired. We possibly could’ve had a rescued dog or a cat or something else but we didn’t.So, on Monday when I return from my trip to parents’, I’d be telling, “Please go ahead and get the pet you’ve always wanted to have. I’ll support you as much as possible“.

 Let me confess something. Although, I smiled when I read his message and hoped that an animal will be saved, I wasn’t really expecting it to happen.My cynicism stems from the numerous inbox messages I get about ”the great work I do for animals”, ”my compassion” blah, blah without anyone really doing even a wee bit for the precious lives languishing in the shelters. No volunteering,no donating, no fostering, no adopting. The ones who have done so are truly my FRIENDS and are spread all over the globe. I perhaps will never meet any of them but I know that ours will always be a bond of beauty and strength.

Well, coming back to my friend. We kept having an inbox conversation about  the pros and cons about adoption, the breed, how to take care , what should be the diet, how to deal with anxiety in both the humans and animal etc etc. I started to feel hopeful. I kept my fingers crossed. Come to think about it, even my toes 🙂
To be rewarded with the picture of this beautiful boy Kade today  and the words of my friend “Thank you ——  for inspiring us” (  the blanks are my name;how I wish the name could be  erm..Mrs Jimmy page; *deep sigh*) .
 I also just read an inbox message from my friend just  1/2 hour back which says “apart from the adoption of Kade by us, we – my partner largely – have influenced three other friends/couples to adopt an abandoned dog over getting a puppy. Successfully. You sure have started something BIG!”
 I am truly humbled. Thank you for your compassion, friend 🙂

4 thoughts on “Adopt Happiness

  1. It’s so hard to bear knowing that dogs are on death row simply for the crime of not being wanted. I’ve had mostly rescues and strays all my life and though I have lately said ‘no more’ I suppose I’ll be getting another dog to keep the one I now have company sooner or later.

    Good on you for your positive influence. And I don’t know about that Mrs. Jimmy Page part – seems like you get a longer relationship with a dog.

    • Thanks Lif 🙂 Yes, its real hard seeing the faces of the animals when I go to the shelter.We don’t have ‘kill shelters’ here thankfully. But then the animals die of infection that is bound to happen due to overcrowding 😦 When will people realize that buying a ‘cute puppy’ means 1. a shelter animal loses the chance of a home 2. disgusting puppy mills flourish!

      My dream is to live on a huge estate with my beloved animals and Pagey playing JUST FOR ME ..Lol 🙂 Ciao & Cheers

  2. Thank you for the wonderful write up. I know that you guys have been having conversation about this. But I got shock that when he came up in the evening and said , get a pet of your choice and I will support you. I was like What??? why ??? how come??? Why now?? ( coz I have accepted and adjusted to the fact that I may not get an opportunity to have a pet at home) Yeyyy!!! Super excited for Kade, and the Full name is Kade.M.Kam

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