Om Namah Shivaya: Varied Interpretations

Of late, Lord Shiva seems to be continuously in the news.Possibly, ‘The Shiva Trilogy’ by Amish Tripathi has contributed much to this craze ? ( )

Suddenly, this primary God of Hinduism , is regarded as quite a cool dude.  With his love for snakes, he is an animal rights activist.His matted locks rival Bob Marley’s. He is  dark,reclusive, brooding, has a fearsome temper but totally in love and tender with the love of his life,his wife the beautiful Goddess Parvati. Much like the typical Mills & Boon hero! He has a cult following akin to a rockstar. So you have  the Deadheads of the Grateful Dead, the Led Heads of Led Zeppelin  etc .And you have the Shaivites of Lord Shiva. Lets not forget that he also has some mean dance moves. Check out his ‘tandava’ ! The good Lord is always high too 🙂

This short narrative about the ‘New Age’ Shiva, possibly will put me in severe disfavor with my Ma and I will be lashed by  her righteous anger. Just as it happened this morning to the maid in my parents’ house.

Well, the maid  Manna,is a young, coy, giddy,simpering girl. Despite her excellent work output and truly fantastic cooking skills, she has been unable to win over my Ma. Mainly because Ma has been used to  a plethora of trained house helps that was one of the perks of  my Dad being the head of police in my state. Even the maids of yester years were responsible, level -headed and according to Ma ” did not wear such provocative clothes’ or ”talk utter nonsense”. Manna also wears a deep ,hot pink lipstick and squeals ” Oh my God” ( pronounced as ‘omiiii gooodddd” ) at the slightest pretext.Mind you she doesn’t say “Hai Bhagwan”. She also has a steady boyfriend who is  my Ma’s driver’s son. A successful date night is recounted invariably in painstaking detail by Manna to my sister.While my sister smiles vaguely and nods encouragingly in the hope of getting perfect stuffed parathas, Ma gets mad at this ‘impertinence’ 🙂

This morning I report a conversation between Manna and Ma. About Lord Shiva 🙂

Manna: Do you watch “Devon ka Dev..Mahadev” on television, Ma? (…Mahadev…Mahadev )

Ma : I don’t have to watch TV serials to know about Mahadev. I have read the Shiva Puranas.

Manna: Oh my God, Ma. You must watch. Lord Shiva is very good looking. As younger sister ( that’s me ) would say ‘He is hot”.

Ma: * gives Manna a furious look*

Manna: And Ma, you know Parvati was also looking very sexy yesterday. She has colored her hair.Red color. I shall also dye my hair and cut it like her. Oh my God!

Ma: *leaves the kitchen muttering fiercely*

Well, I really don’t know the future of Manna in our house.Whether her giddiness and gushings will over power  her execeptional parathas and prawn  malai curry ? But I do agree that Mahadev is damn dishy 🙂



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