Mars vs Venus

So I just painstakingly texted a set of fundamental questions to my Shams.This was/ is basically to ensure the loss of his peace of mind.For ,late in the evening, he texted me : ” seriously un-ballsy of ya to listen to Joni Mitchell & mope..git gritty”.Tsk..tsk such disgustingly high testosterone levels and uber macho hype needs a totally feminine uppercut to his solar plexus.The uppercut is more vicious because the man is in Paris 😀

The answers have got to be either “Yes” or “No”. Male vagueness ,euphemistically referred to as ‘terms of endearment’,needs to be avoided. Period.No “baby’, ‘bebo’, ‘sweetie’,’sweetheart’ etc puh-leez.

Question 1 :When you can’t have me, do you long for me ?

Question 2: Are you  the kind of person who would miss a train or a plane to meet me for coffee ?

Question 3: Would you  take a taxi across town to see me for ten minutes?

Question 4: Would you  wait outside all night if you thought I would open the door in the morning ?

Question 5:. If I call you  and say ‘Will you…’ would your/is your answer  ‘Yes’, before my  sentence is out?

Question 6:. Do you  spin worlds where we could be together?

Question 7:Do you dream  of me ?.

Question 8: Is your imagination ( of me)  and desire ( for me)  very close? ( Thank you Jeanette Wintersen for your help with the questions 😀  They are guaranteed to exhaust and terrify the guy :D)

For I guess men and women are different 🙂

Evidence below 🙂

: What-Women-Think-Men-Are-Thinking-Funny-Relationship-Compare-Humor

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Alright my Shams. Not Joni Mitchell. But Melissa Etheridge,yeah 😉  This one here 😉 .Oh by the way, there is this pathetic analysis at the end of the song by the uploader. Says ” Melissa Etheridge ..blah blah..created this song coz she was heartbroken” Tosh,bloody tosh! I think she just established her  absolute confidence and magnificence 🙂

Ummm…just can’t resist adding these words of wisdom.Totally random , I know…but then ,just watery lentil soup for dinner,  has traumatized the accidental sufi.

1. You don’t need an uterus to make ‘roti’.

2.They say women can’t play guitar as well as men. I don’t play the guitar with my f******* vagina, so what difference does it make ?

Peace and Love 🙂