Creativity Takes Courage

Just a quick post , guys 🙂 I had to work on a Sunday morning, which was soul crushing. But then,I was back by lunch to finish a really great book: Richard Flanagan’s ” The Narrow Road To The Deep North’, that bagged the  Man Booker Prize, 2014. I had stayed up last night reading almost 60% of the novel and finished the rest , late this evening.Its my first novel by this author. Totally gripping.As the book cover says, its ‘savagely beautiful’. There are moments in the book when I felt I could no longer bear to read the brutality and butchery.And then suddenly there are moments of sheer beauty .Like the moon coming out in a dark sky. A novel about survival on the Burma ‘Death Railway’, I was reminded of my Ma taking  me and my sister to watch  ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai”, in one of the  rare film festivals ( I think it was in 1983) that happened in our sleepy little hometown in Odisha, Eastern India. I shall gift this book to her.


And lazily surfing the internet, I also came across this extremely intelligent piece of both music and video ! “Creativity is intelligence having fun” ( Albert Einstein). That’s what this is all about. I Googled to find that it is the brainchild of Mikey McCleary. Bravo! ( The original song is this :

Over and Out , guys 🙂


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