Yet never qualify me ( Poem of the Sufi Way)

Yet never qualify me

as a companion near,

      which I regard an outrageous crime

severing the rule of union.

For my arrival is my parting,

my nearness, being far;

my loving, my loathing,

my beginning, my end.

By “her” I alluded to myself —

and I meant none but me;

for her sake I stripped off

my name, namesake, and fame,

And set out far beyond

where those before stood still,

where minds went astray on accustomed paths,

died and disappeared.

I have no attribute;

that is a stamp, as a name is a brand,

but if you must, speak of me

allusively or with metaphor.

I ascended from “I am she”

to where there is no “to,”

sweetening my existence

by my return

From “I am I,”

for an inner wisdom

and outer laws

to begin my call.

—–Ibn al-Farid

How goes life, guys ? Rumi tells me “Dance until you shatter yourself”.


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