Size Matters

Well, ‘Burger King’ has finally landed in New Delhi with its Whopper burgers.And this evening, the big sister in an overdose  of sisterly affection, took me there to indulge in my favorite burger, fries and Coke ( Sweet Jesus, I love ya). Normally, she waxes eloquent and lyrical about oats, boiled greens and carrot juice 😀 But, she told me that I look kinda peaky and need to get my mojo working. I never argue with my elders, I tells ya, guys 😀 The outlet has opened in one of the most popular malls in South Delhi. The Select City Walk. I quite like it too because its very open and tonight I could feel the Christmas cheer slowly and firmly trickling in.

Burger King was packed. We thought we wouldn’t get a place to sit. But lo behold, two very  similar looking pretty girls, waved at me ,conspiratorially winked  & said “Sisters ?”. Though taken aback , I said “Yeah, how did you guess?”. The younger one grinned and said ‘ You look so alike!Big sisters are the best! Mine is treating me”. Waves of warmth washed over me. We look alike ? My big sister and poor ole me? I touched my nose. My disgusting nose that I despair over.The nose which so cruelly has been labelled as a 747- about- to- take-off, an igloo, a too accentuated retrousse..well that’s because Jimmy Page is the only man for me i.e I turn my nose up at all others 🙂 And the gorgeous sister has this Cleopatra nose 🙂 Yippee! For a moment, I forgot my nose 🙂

Placed the order for a Whopper Paneer ( Cottage Cheese) Burger with cheese melt. To the guy -at- the- counter’s diffident (my eyes had by then begun to glint manically , I guess) “Would that be small fries, Ma’am?”, I hissed “King.Jumbo. Size matters”. A woman next to me in the parallel queue  winked and nodded in agreement at this age old wisdom 😀

The burger was divine with the right amount of mayo and melty melty cheese. The fries were golden and glorious. The coke was with lots of ice, just the way I love. We didn’t need conversation. Sometimes we never do.Just being with each other is enough 🙂

Think this fast food outlet is going to leave the others far, far behind.Maybe I am biased? I have always hated Mc D with its plastic and rubbery burgers & limp fries.Oh the only annoying thing was this sad, forlorn paid weighing machine next to the joint! Jeez! This must be a plant by Mc D!I flinched as I walked past it.Double Jeez!

They  played Abba. My sister loves Abba.

I shall play Abba too.But my kinda Abba. Here :


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