Vertigo: Break on Through


A friend’s ( Thank you, M) talk about ‘O Fortuna’ from Carl Orff’s  ‘Carmina Burana’ gets me thinking about  Jim Morrison. It was the tune used by Oliver Stone  in his film ”The Doors”  to portray the drug induced torment of Morrison. Though,I firmly  believe that the torment Morrison faced was never about or due to the drugs.He was a tormented poet.Haunted and punished for the beauty of his mind that battled a sick society , which shamefully labelled him as a ‘sex God’,’ celebrity junkie’, ‘rock legend,’ladies man’ etc. To all the shammers , losers and posers who profess to ‘know’ Morrison, the accidental sufi shows them the middle finger and recites  this :

Not that I need much nudging to think about Morrison. In fact, last night I dreamt of him and Paris. The dream was in 70 mm technicolor with Dolby sound system. Hang on, could this be my ‘Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again ‘ moment ? 🙂 But I  dreamt that I was having coffee with him in ‘Le Beautreillis’ (18 Rue Beautreillis ). It was so beautiful. A  slate grey ,misty, late afternoon. Cold ,but with the hint of an unseen source of warmth.Just as it is here in New Delhi, today.

I am reminded of “He who contemplates the depths of Paris ( and Morrison )is seized with vertigo.
Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic.
Nothing is more sublime” – ( Victor Hugo)

So, what is ‘Vertigo’? Milan Kundera tells us “vertigo is something other than the fear of falling. It is the voice of emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves’.

Does the accidental sufi manage that ? Yeah, get it on! The steel monkey shows the way:


6 thoughts on “Vertigo: Break on Through

  1. hmm, since you like Che so much, I could send you a story I wrote a few months ago. But I am quite unsure how to achieve that. But if you know my user name here, then it is that at (and don’t miss the e at the end of my first name) and I can send you a rather surprising short story. I am not sure whether you would like it or not, but I hope you do. If you write to me, that is… 🙂 Take care… see you around..

    PS: Oh my gosh, are we long lost brother and sister? “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again”???? whoa, that is a little too much…. the title of one of my most liked articles ever… whoa.. stop it.. you are giving me the shivers…

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