Lost My Wisdom

It was not in a very happy mood that I drove down  for my long over due visit to the dentist this morning.Well, I guess, universally, everyone hates a dentist appointment.The weather was terrible too in New Delhi.Cold and raining.Not even ‘Misty Mountain Hop’, somewhat in tune with the weather and  blasting in my car in honor of John Paul Jones’ birthday today, could really cheer me up.

Till I walked into the dentist’s chamber in one of the big hospitals here.And grinned to his ‘Hi there Ma’am! We shall first have coffee and then I will take a look at you.Lousy weather! I need fueling!”. I looked at the young dentist appreciatively. Tall and extremely cute. Underneath his white doctor’s coat, he was wearing a T-shirt that read ” Its OK to Be Hot”. His name tag read “Tahawwur Siddique”.

We finished coffee.

Doc: So Ma’am, what’s the problem?

Me: Ummm…routine check.

He then very seriously  proceeded with his work. I admiringly noted  his thoroughness and professionalism.

Doc: All Ok Ma’am.Very nice teeth and perfectly aligned. That I could have said without checking too!

He grinned mischievously.


Doc:You have a great smile Ma’am! But I just need to run an X-ray of your upper wisdom tooth.Something is bothering me there.

I beamed.The guy flirted in a pretty classy way.

So we got the xray done. He checked it out and frowned.

Doc: Oh Oh Ma’am! We will need to extract that.

I paled.

Me: Umm…we have too ? I mean nothing else can be done?( I flinched as I remembered a childhood visit for tooth extraction.It had been very painful).

Doc ( soothing voice): Oh no worries Ma’am! I am the best. And the wisdom tooth is vestigial.You won’t miss it!

Me ( laughing):You mean wisdom is vestigial these days, young man? So you are gonna make me dumb?

We both laughed hard. And  he started getting me ready for the procedure.The local anesthesia etc. Midway through the procedure the young doctor started humming.I smiled…actually grimaced…. and my eyes crinkled at the corners. He got concerned.

Doc: Hurting Ma’am?

Me (fumbled voice): No you are humming a very favorite song.

He smiled and continued humming this:http://youtu.be/FZlaDDeak0Q .The dental procedure continued.

Doc: You know Ma’am, my girlfriend’s name is Hansa too. We are very serious.But too many problems because she is a Hindu and me a Muslim.It’s going to be tough!Inshallah..”

I smiled in my mind.Such an open, honest young man.

Tooth extracted, mouth full of cotton I sat at his table as he scribbled medicines and post ops procedures. I got up to leave.

Me( fumbled voice). Thank you Doc.And good luck with your love. I am sure it will work out!

Doc ( lil hesitantly): Ma’am are you also married to a Muslim? (   He was looking at the silver bracelet on my right hand with the ‘ Ayatul kursi’ inscribed on it)

Me( lopsided smile):No…the bracelet is a gift from a very dear friend.

Doc: This is a good omen Ma’am!

Me: Yes it is 🙂 The man who gave  me the bracelet  had  also written a letter with these lines “aaja meri saanson mein mahek raha re tera gajra….aaja meri raaton mein lahek raha re tera kajra” ( These are the lines from the song he was humming earlier).

Doc ( smiling gently): You couldn’t marry him Ma’am? Why? Because he was a Muslim?

Me: No.I didn’t love him.He was just a friend 🙂 Love is when nothingness means his absence…..that both complete each other….that both cannot live without each other. I have that with my guy.I hope you and Hansa find this love too.

We smiled, shook hands and said goodbye.

I left wisdom- tooth- less. But with a  silent wish for the two young people in love 🙂

Just thought  “I wonder if there’s such a thing as a spiritual dentist? I think my whole personality is full of cavities!” ( Charles M Schulz). Texted my guy this . Reply text reads: ”  Cavities baby ?That’s coz you are rock candy baby….hot,sweet and sticky’. Jeez!   The accidental sufi is grinning widely!   Time to blast Montrose: http://youtu.be/lUeuAnMNDhA

Over & Out fellas! 🙂


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