If you’re not a tree hugger, then you’re a what, a tree hater?

Today, it is your absolutely lucky day.I shall blog about elephant feces.

I have mixed emotions as I write this.

On the last weekend, I was at the ‘Dilli Haat’, which was  marvelous with an amazing variety of handicrafts,textiles, jewellery ,pottery etc being exhibited and sold. There was  an Indo-Tibet fair on and the woolens being sold were colorful and damn trendy. I also spotted a 6 ft 4inhes , divine looking guy with long hair and green eyes.Such warmth he emanated in the New Delhi cold, I tells ya guys 😀 Till a bombshell of a woman ,proprietorially called him ‘Steve darlin’….and I started feeling cold all over again 😀

Anyway, I came across this shop which recycles elephant poo to make paper.Here are the pics:

ele  ele 1  ele 2

ele3  ele4 ele5

The paper and products are handcrafted, natural, tree-free, recycled, upcycled, odorless (thankfully) from elephant poo. Yes, that’s right, poo – also commonly referred to as poop, dung, turds, stools, excrement, plop, droppings, patties, cakes, pies, pucks, kaka, number two, scat etc.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am totally for re-cycling and re-using. The rebellious streak in me ( read: a congenital birth defect not to conform) makes me don many hats  with pride : that of leftist, feminist, nihilist, environmentalist, anarcho-pacifist etc etc. 🙂  But somehow, I couldn’t get myself, despite my formidable Facebooking skills, to ‘like’ this concept. Just as I could never be tempted to use a  ‘miraculous’ soap made by Baba Ramdev ( Please Google him.He is so multifaceted that I feel faint) made from cow pee. I am always a bit skeptical about such popular and miraculous stuff. As Dave Barry says ” One popular new plastic surgery technique is called lip grafting, or ‘fat recycling,’ wherein fat cells are removed from one part of your body that is too large, such as your buttocks, and injected into your lips. People will then be literally kissing ass”. 😀

Anything which is carried to the extreme loses its credibility, I feel. And also the power to bring about  change.Thus, Budhha speaks of the middle path.I am myself a person of extremes.Everything for me is either black or white.There is no grey! But, I try hard to be more balanced in my approach 🙂

I couldn’t think of using these products.It put me off. But I was curious about it and read it up on the Internet. It seems that the idea started in Sri Lanka to conserve elephants. To “resolve the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka”, ” to raising the tolerance of farmers toward the elephants, by actually compensating them for damage to their crops. As the elephant is seen more and more as an economic asset and less as a nuisance or threat, the people themselves will not want to see it disappear from their midst”.

That got me thinking that the intrinsic idea and intention behind  the elephant poo paper was certainly noble. I don’t have any idea about the popularity or acceptance of this worldwide. I totally support the aim, though and wish the endeavor good luck. (http://mrelliepooh.com/pages/why-sri-lanka )

But , I guess I will belong to the category of the youngish man, whose rather fancy and hip South Delhi girl friend squealed ‘ Ooh! Wow!I love it!’. The youngish man blurted out incredulously  “‘Arrrrgh…baby, you like poo?”, to be punished with a cold look from his girl and  I suspect ,possibly not holding hands etc for a very ,very  long time 🙂

Ummm…. why do I remember Sheldon’s  dire warning ( The Big Bang Theory)  “The snow caps are melting Leonard. In future, swimming won’t be optional.” 🙂

Ta, guys 🙂

Oh, I forgot the song! Listen to a favorite of mine :http://youtu.be/2gQEDwjhaDE


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