A Love Story

Love Story ( Erich Segal, take a walk) :D.

Starring: The accidental sufi as the ‘black kitten’ and her guy as ‘the black pup’ 😀

Act I: http://youtu.be/qBsEF7Qx09o


Act II: http://youtu.be/dGKnSdikqjw


Act III:http://youtu.be/crbFmpezO4A

Black Pug pup, Victor, with black kitten, Panther

Act IV:http://youtu.be/PQt7CXkWjtU


Act V:http://youtu.be/CHekNnySAfM

Black Pug pup Victor with black kitten Panther

Act VI:http://youtu.be/p8-pP4VboBk


Act VII:http://youtu.be/RhplPhRlsRk


And they lived happily ever after.

The End 🙂

PS: And the Oscar goes to the accidental sufi as the black kitten.Naturally 😉

PPS:Its Jimmy Page’s birthday today.Turns 71 today and man, is he still hot! I guess there might be men who look good at this age, but to have lived through the excesses of Led Zeppelin and still look so damn beautiful, is truly epic.Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Waiting for new music from you ! I LOVE YA!

PPPS: Ummm….my cosmic mate, you just need to worry bout James Patrick Page 😀

[ All photographs from the Internet for Illustration only]


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