Pagey’s Girlfriend

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Well, social media has gone berserk with  the news about Jimmy Page and his 25 year old girlfriend. Check this article :

I couldn’t help but smile at the differing reactions from the women and men 🙂 While the women confessed to being insanely jealous, or wished that they were there with Pagey instead or warned the man about the ‘gold-digger’, the men seemed to be acutely envious or kicked  that Pagey was ‘living’ it still or  made snide remarks about taking care of his ‘heart’, not in the romantic fashion,though 🙂

I guess the reactions are typical and  prove the gender differences of looking at life 🙂 Sometime back, images of the male brain vs the female brain were also doing the rounds on social networking sites. Here :

male              female brain

( Photos from the Internet for Illustration only)

The social effects of ‘Rock n Roll’ has been  very varied and tremendous.It has influenced influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes and language in a way few other social movements  have equaled. Led Zeppelin pioneered the shift from the psychedelic era of the 1960’s to the sexually driven rock music that was based on masculinity and a more centralized movement.When Led Zeppelin exploded on the scene,the counterculture movement had peaked and it was time for  change once again. This change was action as compared to the erstwhile protesting.

Considered and revered as ‘Rock Gods’, the band oozed a sexuality and overt sensuality that remains unmatched till date. Perhaps, that is why ‘The Sun” screamed that ‘Rock God Jimmy Page still has Led in his pencil” 🙂 Or in my search for the ‘Robert Plant Jeans Style’, i.e. tight from the hips to the knee’s and flared out at the bottom (not bell bottoms) I came across a rather amusing piece of merchandise and information. This was the.. aah..uh uh… ‘Robert Plant’s crotch car sticker deal”. This was.. erm… designed on the basis of the two doves flying towards a heart that Robert Plant then had stitched on his jeans. The description was hilarious 😀 .So the advertisement goes :

 “We say it’s a car sticker but use your imagination – where would you like Robert Plant’s crotch?So what are you waiting for? Buy Robert Plant’s crotch now and impress the girls with where you stick it.Robert Plants crotch comes in all sorts of colours. Take your pick from the list below and we’ll cut out his crotch and send it to you. The heart will always be red.We’ve put tape over Robert Plant’s crotch to make putting it on easy.Our sticker (not Robert’s crotch) is 130mm (5”) long.
The link to this can be read at :

Well, guys, I think we should let Jimmy Page lead the life he wants to and is happy in 🙂 And be thankful for the years of beautiful music he gave us….and is probably planning to do so in 2015.

Confession 1: I belong to the ‘insanely jealous’ category of women 😀

Confession 2: I have a pair of jeans with the famous Robert Plant embroidery patch stitched equally strategically 😀

Jeez & Hubba Hubba! Look at this, guys. Pagey’s wizardry  and Percy’s seriously troublesome anatomy 😀

Over & Out, folks 🙂


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