A Haircut

‘Some of my worst mistakes in life were hair cuts’ : Jim Morrison

I knew there was something very doomsday about today. I woke up with a sore throat and mild fever and so did not go to work. Which was fine, actually. I mean, I am pretty gung-ho about having a sore throat and high fever every day if it means I needn’t go to work.But, I had a dream about Shakespeare last night.Seriously,guys. And the man kept telling me ‘Beware, the ides of March’. I did tell him it was February,but the Bard droned on,much like my English professor in college who loved him madly.Ofcourse, the good professor was afflicted with a strange , regional  accent that made him refer to the Bard as  ‘Sexsphere’.

Shakespeare’s dream-time warnings translated today into possibly the worst haircut I have had in my life till date.I  trudged down with my sister to her rather hep and glamorous parlour in South Delhi because she insisted that I needed a ‘makeover’. Now, for some unfathomable reason, her hair stylist always tends to have a fit when he sees me.Possibly, he likes women to be like what Mammy in ‘Gone With The Wind’ chides Scarlett O’ Hara to be : ‘A Lady’. While my Ma’s strict tutelage in childhood did induce a reluctant lady-likeness, a possible mutant gene of a possible pirate forefather induced  a Jack Sparrow-ness too.

Anyway, the hair stylist , encouraged by my sister proceeded to ‘tame’ my hair. I should have been able to read into his trembling excitement and gloating, but I had taken off my glasses and couldn’t gauge the extent of his evil. And I was sipping  a double espresso shot from the nearby Starbucks that filled me with supreme bliss, further disarming me.

When I finally looked at myself, I was skeptical, even though he and the sister were beaming. I posted a picture on Facebook and my friends are saying lovely things too. Maybe, I look nice. But, I don’t feel me 🙂

Deep, philosophical pondering.Can a hair cut change who I am ?


 Because “Life, weddings, relationships, road trips, gardening, making out, haircuts: few of the fun things in life always go as expected” ( Ariel Meadow Stallings, ‘Offbeat Bride:Tafetta-free Alternatives For Independent Brides” )

You just need to hang in there 🙂

And, oh yeah I get by with a little help from ….Led Zeppelin 🙂