A Cricket Match & Imran Khan


Well, my already genetically and regionally agitated Bengali cook, Joy ( the harbringer of much un-joy actually) , went  into a hysterical overdrive with the India vs Pakistan cricket match today @ World Cup, 2015.On a Sunday, I was rudely awakened at 7am with morning bed tea. On normal  Sundays i.e. when no India vs Pakistan cricket match is scheduled, ‘morning’ is ,naturally ,either 12:30 or 4:30 pm, depending on intensity of the Saturday night partying.Considering that yesterday-a Saturday & Valentine’s Day-the partying began by mid-afternoon to end around early hours of dawn today, I had vaguely hoped for mercy from Joy.But, no.He was wearing the Team India T-shirt and shelled peas in front of the TV. I wondered whether I would get any lunch today? When Virat Kohli bowed out at 107, Joy shrieked  in pain and pride.And also scattered the peas on the floor.So ‘matar-paneer’ was out and our man informed me that I would need to have toast and an omelet. ‘Baki sab, time lega Memsahib”, he said firmly. ( Translation: Any other lunch would take time Madam)

 Few friends on Facebook went nuts analyzing each ball, stroke etc. I sometimes wonder whether they are actually watching the match? I mean, how can you as a serious cricket aficionado,not totally concentrate on the match?So we have these pearls-of-wisdom status updates ‘ Gone. Kohli” , ” Dhoni at crease”  , ‘297’ etc.Jeez, man, people do have a TV and are not deaf or blind.They can hear the commentary! When I was growing up, cricket was serious business.And I guess treated like a ‘sport’ ,rather than the commercialization it sees today.

We also had larger than life cricketers. While I was watching the match, I couldn’t help remember Imran Khan. The patriotism of the  Indian girls was severely tested when the great Khan was around. I doubt whether any other cricketer has been able to generate the hysteria which Imran Khan evoked in his heydays! I remember an Australia vs Pakistan one day match in my hometown Cuttack way back in the 1980’s.My sister and I were seated in the VIP enclosure , just next to the players’ pavilion. Imran Khan came out and lazily stretched.Oh man, he was so glorious 😀 .My Dad throughout the match hissed at me ‘Keep your eyes on the game” 😀

Later, Godrej came out with an advertisement for Cinthol soap.This one :

I saw a great business opportunity in this. I bought a soap, scratched Imran’s name on it with a fork and told everyone that I had bought it at an auction in Bombay. The gullible girls fell for it! I charged 50 paise to just see it and Rs1/- to touch it 😀 Soon I had a princely sum of Rs 50/-. My game was up when a nosy, neighborhood Aunty inquired about ‘Imran Khan’s soap’ from my Ma.All hell broke loose! My parents were shocked at my uh-uh ‘unscrupulousness’ : Dad’s words , naturally :D. I was made to return everyone’s money which I did grudgingly 🙂

Imran Khan recently cropped up in a conversation with my sister. The cricketer -turned-politician  has re-married. His wife  Reham Khan, was a weather reporter for the BBC and now hosts a political talk show on Pakistan’s Dawn News.Imran Khan was previously married to British socialite Jemima Khan and has two sons. His new wife reportedly has three children from a previous marriage. My sister asked me why did they both re-marry ? What is it in marriage? Food for thought, she told me. I went vitriolic and  all ‘Gone Girl’  and said perhaps, “both like to make do with dutiful sex and gassy bedtime rituals.. settle for TV as conversation’ ? But then, I seriously thought about it. I think both have re-married and bravely taken a second chance at marital bliss because they are friends. I like to think that they have become wiser in their choices.So Nietzsche says ‘it is  a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

Well, India won the match today. And won it well! That calls for celebration say my friends. Hell,yeah! So I am going partyin’ 😀

Love ya’ll 🙂