Pillow Horoscopes

I hope anyone reading this blog has an obsession for pillows. I hope it is a healthy obsession. For I have a horribly un-helathy obsession with pillows. You will find pillows  & cushions of all shapes and sizes in my house.In every room. A recent acquisition has been a cushion for my kitchen chair where I sit on weekends and instruct my crazy cook in our culinary expeditions. The cushion says ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll”. My cook ,  I believe, has taken to reading psalms for my soul.

People form opinions about others with reference to their values,principles, up-bringing etc.Yawn! A big YAWN and a Garfield-y full body stretch! So boring,non ? I seem to be forming opinions based on the after-shave that is used, how green the house plants are, whether a dog/cat/hamster/tortoise is around, whether adequate attention has been paid to naming the pet, whether fine Darjeeling tea is favored, whether the woman detests male hair sprouting from the nose & ears,whether the man doesn’t burp to show his appreciation of wifey’s cooking, etc.

And yeah, do the woman/man or both like pillows and cushions,first? Second, do they like lots of them around ? Or are they minimalist? While I admire the minimalist decor too, I however,like my bed to be full of pillows and cushions. I somehow can’t relate to people who are mingy about pillows on the bed. More then once, I have seen , these are the very same people who would look at you accusingly if you go for the fifth ‘gulab jamun’ or ‘teeli waali kulfi’! ” Sigh! Such Philistines! Don’t they know what Blake said ? That “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” And there are certain people who sleep without pillows! I find them to be absolute horrors! If one does a random statistical survey, such people would in all probability love getting up at the crack of dawn, are cheerful in the mornings, do not drink coffee, have quadruple toned milk, snack on wafer thin carrot sticks, read books on self- improvement…ya’ll get the drfit, guys?

 I read this article about what your pillow says about you here :http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/555476/list/what-do-your-pillows-say-about-you I really haven’t been able to decide my style in these stylish set ups. Whoa, I guess I am a ‘pillow -neurotic’ then! So Sylvia Plath says “If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I’m neurotic as hell. I’ll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.” I can be both a Bohemian and a traditionalist when it comes to pillows and cushions.

Check out some of these pillows 🙂

STPPLWTLKBS1007_3_Large   STPPLWTLKBS1011_3_Large STPPLWTLKBS1005_3_Large


I have ordered the last one online :D.  Because you see I am a great believer in women’s ‘over-equality’ movement 😀

Ta, guys! I am having some awesome ‘chole-bhature’ for lunch to celebrate the boss being away .He has been struck with loosies. His wife informed me. She sounded dejected. I wonder why ? Is it out of deep love and concern? Or is it because she is stuck 24x7x2days with his terribly un-exciting persona ?

Time for some music.The only way to ‘ be ‘ is…..be dynamite :D.