Tales From Airbus AI 877

I had been traveling the last few days.It was both business and pleasure 🙂 I managed to squeeze in one and half days to go home as it was my precious big sister’s birthday.I think I love her the most in this world 🙂

I am back to New Delhi, re-charged and  re-juvenated, to tell you stories 🙂

Well, couple of months back, I was traveling by air. A very senior citizen lady sat down next to me in the front row of the Air India airbus. She was severely arthritic and moved around on a four- legged walker prop.I could see that she was in a lot of pain,but what amazing spirit !We didn’t talk.Just smiled at each other.What a lovely smile she had 🙂 The business class on the flight had only one passenger, who proceeded to snore mightily as soon as we took off 😀 After about an hour or so, the elderly lady got up to use the loo. She slowly dragged herself to the loo in the front which was the nearest to us. Otherwise, she would have had to walk quite a distance to use the only other one that was situated at the complete rear. Suddenly, an air-hostess materialized and firmly told the lady that the loo was only meant for business class passengers.  A wistful request citing her inability and pain to walk long distance to the air hostess fell on deaf ears. ‘I am sorry, Ma’am’, the air hostess said quite stridently. I watched as the elderly and infirm lady turned back, bewildered and helpless.

And then I completely lost it.

I couldn’t imagine that the air -hostess could be this  un-feeling. Possibly, she was correct about the airline rules.But ,man, didn’t she have any brains to use her discretion ? Or did she so much lack compassion? Well, I took matters into hand and intervened,first politely.Then I morphed into my natural wolverine self,and un-sheathed my claws when the air-hostess told me that ‘Ma’am, please be seated. This does not concern you”. I think I snarled this answer : ” Can you please show some respect and compassion to this lady ? She could have been your mother ! How would you feel if anyone treated your mother like the disgusting way you have ? And please clarify whether business class passengers pee gold ? Either you allow her or let me speak to the Captain,NOW”. The air- hostess backed. Oh, I forgot to tell you , guys, I had this totally mad glint in my eyes too 😀

On my recent travel, I was in the front row again. A fat , leery guy with a hard-to-believe paunch sauntered in with his heavily pregnant young wife. The man sat down next to me and told his wife to occupy their other allotted seat , which was the highly uncomfortable middle seat in the second row behind us. The front row as we all know has great leg space and I would have thought that the man would show some consideration to his wife…that too when she is pregnant!But, no! Our man decided to be piggy about it.I guess he is a total swine in his life. Correction: A lecherous swine because I noticed him checking out my ummm..erm..’upper lady parts’ , very slyly. I seethed about his boorishness and racked my tremendously fertile brains in such matters, to teach him a lesson.

Eureka! I coughed very dismally. Once.Twice. Thrice. I made my eyes water. I again coughed hard. Then I said very pathetically ” Oh God, I am feeling horrible…hope its not the swine flu.These days one just can’t tell”. The man flinched and looked at me suspiciously. For the information of my readers, Delhi has been hit and scared by this virus attack in the last two moths.Many deaths have also occurred and the general public has been hysterical about it.

Well, my false swine- flu alarm, nailed it 😀 The man got up hastily to leave! But, unbelievably  he ordered his wife to come and sit next to me, while he sat in her seat! While I cheered that the poor woman would have a comfortable journey now, I couldn’t get over the fact that a man who was supposed to by scriptures/law/ hopefully not love, duty bound to take care of his wife, treated her as no more than a disposable commodity.

Malika Sarabhai writes in an article ‘For a saner, kinder world” (her column in ‘The Week”), “I am often asked, as the mother of a lesbian, how I feel about it. The thing is, I don’t. I mean, for me sexuality is a nonissue. There are so many more things I am concerned about as a parent—whether she is just and fair, whether she is kind and humane with everyone; whether she is involved in drugs; whether she is happy and blossoming; where she feels self-actualised—in this pyramid, sexuality comes very low.” Yes, most people tend to focus on the wrong issues and address them vehemently, non ? She further writes “In a screwed-up world, with twisted values and norms, a lack of transparency and justice, and inhuman behaviour all around, people’s right to love and be loved is far from perverted. What is perverted is our ability to turn a blind eye to so much that is wrong, so much that we could change if we just raised our voice for a saner, kinder world.”

So the accidental sufi bids you adieu with the words of Maya Angelou : “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” 🙂

And of course the mighty Led Zeppelin 🙂