Five Choices In Life


(This is a photo from the Internet and came to me via Facebook and is being used for illustration only)

I found the rules, rather suggestions, for living life very inspiring.

Then I thought if I was asked to choose just five of them which ones would they be ? And in what order ?

Surprisingly, it look me quite some time! I though I knew myself pretty well!

Here are my five in preferred order

1. Make mistakes

2. Love fiercely

3. Have a smart mouth & quick wit.

4. Make tea

5. Create

I would really like to know what your list is , guys 🙂 Tell me if you are so inclined 🙂 And I wonder if there is anyone who would also have the same as mine ? Would be lovely to know a kindred spirit!

So I will play you a song, which all those who really know me, always associate with me 🙂

4 thoughts on “Five Choices In Life

  1. Only 5? That’s tough:
    1. Be ME – no matter if others don’t like her.
    2. Be there for those I love.
    3. Never stop exploring & learning & creating.
    4. Laugh, love and cry as often as you want.
    5. Let go of the past, you learn from it, it CAN define you – but make the BEST of it!

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