The Love For The Unusual

Everyday I read about bookstores closing down all over the world. Some iconic ones. Some not so iconic ( but so much a part of the town/city that just no longer being there would take away that ‘particularness’ of the place). Online book stores and e-books are credited for this state of affairs.Endless posts/discussions/articles  about bookstores and p-books do the rounds daily.Majority tend to romanticize the bookstore and the feeling of being in one, which includes associated book nerdism traits like the smell of a book, the feel of paper etc. A much less percentage talk about the advantages or pleasures of e- books and ordering your book fix online.I ‘d much rather go to a bookstore, and still do, to buy a book. Although, the huge discounts offered by online bookstores have tempted me many a times to listen to my brain and not my heart.

  Many of my best reads have been  what I term ‘leap purchases ‘ 🙂 I do  not know whether any of you guys have  had this feeling ? That of some books which seem to leap at you because of their  unusual titles  ? I always get fascinated by such unusually titled books ! There is this sudden rush of imagination in my mind trying to think what the book contains or why such a title was chosen by the author.There is a sort of instant connect with the author. Perhaps they also have/had a chameleon soul like mine ? Perhaps they are/were uncomfortable like me in a life where ” nothing was ever unexpected. Or inconvenient. Or unusual. The life without colour, pain or past” ( Lois Lowry, ‘The Giver” ).

Well, here are five books which I bought and  read.  And didn’t regret both 🙂 You might want to check them out 🙂

1. The Exquisite Corpse :  Alfred Chester

2. Satantango : László Krasznahorkai

3. This Magnificent Desolation : Thomas O’Malley

4.Nectar in a Sieve : Kamala Markandya

5.The Horse Whisperer : Nicholas Evans

I was talking to my guy last night. He was in an irritable mood and not really into my conversations about books 😀 I opened my mail this morning to see the pic below from him with the message ‘Baby, check out this book” ! Arrghhhh.. :D.


Ta , guys with a absolutely bad ass song 🙂