Six Secrets

Here are six secrets about me that I  reveal  today:

1. I don’t like to shower. Jeez, don’t jump! I bathe 😀 But the Indian-ess in me roots for a bucket & mug. Immensely satisfying!


2. Everyday I plan to kill  a particular senior colleague of mine. The methods which I dream of would make Hitchcock bow and call me ‘Master’. You see, guys,  I can never forgive him for asking why I chose to adopt a Special Needs dogs. ‘But the dog doesn’t have a leg ?’, he told me. ‘Its my calling Sir. Just as working with people without brains is”, I replied.

3. I find posters like the ones below a tad irritating & offensive. Most of my female friends normally coo ‘Cho Chweet”. I  always think their estrogen has got mixed up with LSD to induce  such hallucinogenic horrors.


4. I have once  eaten the  exorbitantly priced Kitkat bar kept in the small  room refrigerator in a 5 star hotel. Then, I had packed the wrapper so craftily that no one could make out that the chocolate had been eaten. I feel terrible confessing that I  had felt quite gleeful.

5. I had once milked a buffalo  (in my village) wrong. I felt bad. I am not that kinda cruel feminist as you guys might be thinking!


6. I actually like this song.

Umm…please don’t hate me 😀 Its Friday, yeah!


Alright, tell me six secrets ( Sounds a bit corny, non? And has the tremendous potential of being mis-read/spelt?)) about yourself 😀

Chew on this : “Know thyself’ was written over the portal of the antique world. Over the portal of the new world, ‘Be thyself’ shall be written.” ( Oscar Wilde)


( All photos from the Internet for illustration only)