Five Nice Things

Well, blogging after a little hiatus, to tell you five nice things that have happened.

1. I am just back from Mumbai, the maximum city. I was there on work with a hectic schedule. But yet, Iife was beautiful.I watched a play, ‘Kaamiya’, in Prithvi theatre after ages. One morning, I had breakfast of bun maska,  cheese scrambled eggs &  Irani chai,in Kayani & Co, with the owner Farooq telling me stories about this legendary cafe. I bought six pairs of absolutely gorgeous high heels from a shop in the Colaba Causeway. A friend flew in from Delhi on Sunday evening for me and him to chill in the  fabulous pub ‘Ghetto’ in South Mumbai. And yes, I missed the beloved so much that I scribbled  on the sketch of Jim Morrison etched on the graffiti covered wall of the pub this:  ‘Adi, you are my cosmic mate”.

2. I read a very fantastic quote of Robin Williams: ‘I used to think that the worst thing in life is to end up all alone.Its not.The worst thing is end up with people who makes you feel all alone’.

3. Milan Kundera’s book, after 15 years, is out. Its called ‘The Festival of Insignificance’ and the ‘Guardian’ review ( culture section,June 10th, by Tessa Hadley) of it has made me happy enough to think of embarking upon a liquid diet , every Tuesday, for six months. The ‘liquid’ will be fruit juices and  tender coconut water , I sternly told the beloved, who has other interpretations of ‘liquid’. Well,  apparently Kundera convincingly says and celebrates that life doesn’t signify anything. This evening I shall buy the book to gauge whether the maestro is right.

4. I discovered that a colleague of mine shares the same admiration levels for Orhan Pamuk as moi, which was surprising. Most of my colleagues are turned on by not reading. It is refreshing to  come across people who possibly are on your wavelength and I sincerely believe there are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.

5. I have been able to convince a good man who unfailingly , every morning at 6 am,’Whatsapped’ me , a picture of God Hanuman, Ganesh, Sri Krishna, Sai Baba etc to stop this agonizing philanthropic activity. I believe that he did this out of sheer pity for my doomed soul which feeds on Sabbath and pizza and thus am eternally grateful. I had thought of return ‘Whatsapping’ him pictures of Victoria Secret models’ for his holistic health i.e mind, body, soul.Such is my empathy and compassion for irritatingly devout fellow human beings.

Time now for Tea & Ta, guys!

Just curious, would you  be a sparrow or  a snail, a hammer or a nail ?  Me? “I’d rather sail away,Like a swan that’s here and gone,A man gets tied up to the ground,He gives the world its saddest sound, its saddest sound”

PS: Information Links.

1. Ghetto:

2.Prithvi Theatre:

3. Kayani & Co :


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