My Five Favorite Rain Songs

I asked my friends what they liked to do when it rained. Their answers : Romance, chai& pakoras, single malt, sleep, beer & kebabs, watching the rain, getting drenched, listening to favorite music,reading, watching a great movie, snuggling under the quilt, singing in the rain,dreaming, getting lost.

Me ? I like to hear the sound of rain.

Here are five of my favorite rain songs.

1.I absolutely adore Zeenat Aman. I also am not a wee bit scared of thunder. But I confess to having used it as an excuse for rushing into the beloved’s arms, many many years back, when I was seventeen years old.Much later he told me that  he was pretty certain that I had been  faking it.

2. One of my favorite movies is ‘Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid’.

3. For I have realized that this is the mystery of the quotient,Upon us all a little rain, must fall.

4.Shudh desi romance

5. This what I mean when I say I like hearing the sound of rain.

Have you ever been beautifully insane in the rain ? That’s what Kerouac asked me.

Yes,I replied. With him who is more insanely beautiful than the rain.


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