Rang de Rangrejawa

The night is balmy here. Its way past midnight. I finished with an official dinner and now sitting by a poolside with my feet in the water.Its in  one of my  friend’s farmhouse where my beautiful people are partying. I can hear the sound of laughter,the clink of glasses and  JJ Cale crooning ,coming from inside.

I have tried calling up my guy in London many times. But he refuses to take my call. He is mad at me and possibly I deserve it ? I went incommunicado yesterday, switching off my mobile. He couldn’t reach me and was frantic. When I saw his texts, missed call alerts late this morning, I knew I was in trouble , oh boy!

Me: Ummm…before you yell..

He: Baby, where the f**** were you??

Me: You needn’t be so nasty..erm..stop being worried! I can take care of myself..umm

He: *hateful, icy cold voice* Well?

Me: Sorry * God, I never like saying sorry*

He: *softens…he knows I hate saying sorry*. Brucie died..you were inconsolable.And it was also the day  Jim Morrison died..you are so damn nuts about this day..I just got worried baby..

Me:* smiles…aah yes..the  Morrison connect is there only with him* Cosmic mate, do you how know much I love you ?

He: Never again ?

Me:* mutinous* Nobody tells me what to do.

He: *severs the line*

It is strange but I keep remembering his hands now. They are so  strong , so beautiful…range de, rang de rangrejawa…that’s what I want to tell him.

And yes, this is for him. Photos of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. He will understand…don’t you Adi ? Us, non ? Since we were just kids…

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe 1969



“What will happen to us?” I asked. “There will always be us,” he answered.” ( Patti Smith, ‘Just Kids’)


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