The Power Of The Blues

Instead of singing in the shower, I would write out the lyrics of my favourite songs, the ink would turn the water blue or red or green, and the music would run down my legs”. ( Jonathan Safran Foer, ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close)

Or maybe, I would paint my nails too.     nail 1

( Product: Lakme Absolute  Gel Stylist Range, Blue Royale. Nails : Own)

Or shop online for indigo rhymes. Here is what I bought!

jksapj000051109-1_7        jksapj000051114-1_7   jksapj000051104-1_7

( )

Fabulous weather continues In New Delhi.Perfect for listening to the blues….there is something so primitively soothing , as Eric Clapton, says about this music. When Jim Morrison got drunk, he would sing  blues numbers at jam sessions. It seems Morrison asked Alice Cooper, just before recording the song, how his day was .The reply was ‘eh..woke up this morning…got myself a beer’ which found its way into the song. ‘Keep your eyes on the road and your hands the wheel’ were his typical male advice to Pamela Courson!

Well, guys, the future’s uncertain, and the end is always near…so just let it roll…and thrill your soul.

Yeah ?

Alright 🙂


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