Spellbound In Your Love

 (umad umad paroon main tore lag I surge towards you, spellbound in your love aaween na sayyaan Come, my heart’s master!  aa we dholna we Come, O beloved! raat nah jaaween we Don’t go this night, please! badra lagi woh shaam Rainclouds gather, dusk… badra lagi woh shaam dhali to Rainclouds gather, dusk is departing aise men aaen ge piya re  raat nah jaaween we Don’t go this night, please! shaanaan ucchiyaan teriyaan peera Great is your grandeur, master! howan door haneriyaan peera Please dispel this darkness, master! aasaan hain wadheriyaan peera Longings are so many, master! sun arjaan ajj meriyaan peera Hear this day my pleadings, master! shaanaan ucchiyaan Great is… shaanaan ucchiyaan Great is… teriyaan peera …your (grandeur), master!  peera Master sun arjaan Hear my pleadings dholan maahiya Darling beloved   gal dil di bolna Speak the words in your heart )

The beloved swirls Japanese single malt in the Albatross @ Golden  Gai, Tokyo….its past midnight here in New Delhi….we hear each others’ voice on the telephone….speaking of everything on earth…except the words which reign supreme in our beings …that …I surge towards you, spell bound in your love.

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