Fingerprints On Concrete


Phir Kuch Is Dil Ko Beqarari Hai
Sina zoya-e-zakhm-e-kari Hai

Phir Jigar Khodne Laga Nakhun
Amad-e-fasl-e-lalakari Hai

Phir Usi Bewafa Pe Marte Hain
Phir Wahi Zindagi Hamari Hai

Bekhudi Besabab Nahi Ghalib
Kuch To Hai Jis Ki Pardadari Hai” ( Mirza Ghalib)


“Once more, my heart a restless rhythm beats
Once more, my bosom fresh wounds seeks

Old wounds begin to run red anew
To lend this spring’s flowers their hue

This heart yearns for that torment once more
That life, long past, calls an encore

This blissful state, Ghalib, some hidden cause implies
There must be something that undisclosed lies”

Late afternoon sun rays  wash over me. I wait  with great pleasure for my afternoon Earl Grey tea.I had ordered the tea ,’Imperial Earl Grey”,online last week ( ). Somehow, I couldn’t pass by a tea which was described as ‘ mellow, smooth and intensely fragrant”. I am also listening to Neil Diamond’s ‘Hooked on  the Memory of You”  ( featured in the movie clip above from ‘Bridges of Madison County’) and reading Mirza Ghalib.

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