1.Kabhi ai haqeeqat-muntazar, nazar aa libaas-e majaz mein

Ke hazaaron sajde tadap rahe hain meri jabeen-e niyaaz mein

For once, O long sought truth, appear before me, in understood metaphor

For a thousand obeisances wait in my forehead, awaiting consummation

2.Tu bachaa bachaa ke na rakh ise, tera aaina hai vo aaina,

Ke shikasta ho to azeez-tar, hai nigaahe-aaina saaz mein

Do not keep your heart so safe, for it is such a mirror

That it increases in value only after it has been shattered.

3. Na kaheen jahaan mein aman mili, jo amaan mili to kahaan mili,

Mere jurm-e khaanaa kharaab ko, tere afv -e-banda -navaaz mein

I found no solace in this world, except now, when

My unforgivable sin was housed by your infinite forgiveness

4. Na vo ishq mein rahi garmiyaan, na vo husn mein rahin shokhiyaan

Na vo Ghazanavi mein tadap rahi, na vo kham hai zulf-e Ayaaz mein

Neither does love have that heat anymore, nor beauty the allure

Neither has Ghazni that passion, nor Ayaz the beauty

5. Jo main sar-ba-sajda hua kabhi zameen se aane laga sadaa

Tera dil to hai sanam-aashna, tujhe kya milega namaaz mein

When I prostrated my head, a voice rose from the earth

Your heart loves but an idol ( the Beloved), what will you find in Allah’s prayer?

– ( Allama Iqbal)


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