But, that’s a damn cool monkey!

boots            boots 1

(Boots:Suede & Faux leather in Chestnut Brown & Gold, D & A, South Extension, New Delhi)

Alright, the accidental sufi is ready to rock this Saturday night! With her beautifully crazy friends and her very, very special half-Indian ,half- Scot guy  🙂

Mood set to this:

( ”Pump” is my favorite Aerosmith album)

The monkey kinda looks cool like this :


The appeal, seduction and quintessence of pure femininity…inspired and dedicated to the sexy woman who is the iconic, eternal muse for Cavalli style.
“I want to have fun whatever I do:Everything must bring me joy, enthusiasm, life…”“I love the pureness of vodka, especially of my vodka:it is like water and fire coming together in a single element.”    (Roberto Cavalli)

So, I don’t really want to get this monkey off my back 🙂

Happy Weekend, guys!


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