The Dialect In My Heart

“My passion for Sarah had killed simple lust forever. Never again would I be able to enjoy a woman without love.” ( Graham Greene, ‘The End Of The Affair)

The accidental sufi is stuck on this song 🙂 Here are the lyrics with translation. My eyes are brown…the beloved’s eyes are ‘ferozi’ or turquoise 🙂

iya… Main Na Jiya…
Oh, I didn’t live (at all)
Reza Reza… Mera Jiya...
My heart was in pieces
Jiya... Main Na Jiya…
Oh, I didn’t live 
Reza Reza… Mera Jiya…
My heart was in pieces

Main Begaana Sa...
I was a stranger to all
Tha Deewana Sa…
I was a crazy one
Mujhko Teri Chaahat Ne Basaa Diya...
Your love made me reside in a place

 Likhoon Hawaaon Pe Main…
I write on the winds
Nainon Se Naam Tera…
Your name using my eyes
 Saaye Se Main Haathon Ke…
With the shadows of my hands
Saaya Loon Thaam Tera…
I hold on to Your shadow

Ishq Ka Tu Haraf
You are the letter of love
Jiske Chaaron Taraf
Around whom
Meri Baahon Ke Ghere Ka Bane Hashiya…
There is a boundary of my embrace

Naina, Firozi Neher…
The eyes are blue coloured canals
Khwaabon Ke Paani Mein Ghar…
My home lies in the water of dreams 
 Aise Hoon Main Tere Bin…
I’m like this when I’m without You
Sehra Ki Jaise Seher
Like a morning in a desert

Saans Mein Tu Bhare
You are in my breath
Do Jahaan Se Pare
You’re different than both the worlds
Aake Tujhse Miloon Main Mere Saathiya…
I'll come and meet You my beloved


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