The Power Of Commercials

So, I was idly watching television and came across the commercial featured above.Its the Mahindra KUV 100 which has been recently launched. The commercial, in the words of the company, features the ‘Young SUV’ and the ‘Dashing’ Varun Dhawan.

To me , it also features an adorable Boxer dog.

As the commercial progresses, one sees that the main protagonist picks up his friends, goes on an awesome drive, chills out on a great looking spot etc. Then he spots a rather pretty girl sitting on the bonnet of the vehicle who he proceeds to take on a drive.  At the end,he gets lucky, says the commercial, which translates to both hitching up and yeah, he ‘gets a life’.All pretty nice and gung-ho, I must say. Except that it rankled that the man forgot his dog! When the man does get back to his friends & dog along with his lady love and vrooms away, the Boxer dog no longer sits by his side. Its the girlfriend who sits in the front seat to soon sidles closer to him. The end shot is the girl friend sitting between the man and his friend. The dog is in the back seat.

To me , that’s epic fail! I would much rather that the dog sat in the front seat and finally always between the man and the girl! Wouldn’t you want that too ?

That gets me to two important issues:

  1.  In  all my years of loving animals and working with rescues/shelters, I have come across  many abandonment cases  of pets when a special new human walks into the owner’s life. Usually its a baby and the reasons are that he/she is allergic to dog fur or that the now poor ignored dog is’ hostile ‘ to the baby. Sometimes it has been the unbelievable ‘My girl/boyfriend or husband/wife doesn’t like dogs’ ! Both are absolutely horrible and stupid reasons for abandoning your pet! Animals are very special people actually. They feel just as we feel- a whole gamut of emotions including jealousy. So they need to feel included whenever there is a change in the family size. And, seriously, I don’t think I would like to stay with a man who wont accept my dog. That translates to him not accepting someone/something I love, right? He really does not care about my happiness; is not willing to adjust;would tend to be dismissive of anything that is not on his radar.
  2. Lets talk of the power of advertisements and commercials. As always they are, both, reflective of the times we live in and also a means to tell us what the ‘ideal’ is. They can be and most are powerful agents of social change and influence behavior . Thus,  models today face flak for influencing women, especially young girls, to be emaciated, anorexic and bulimic in order to look fashionable and chic. Positively, in India we have had in the recent past commercials which seek to promote tolerance, celebrate diversity, empower women etc. As such, ad people and commercials directors should be truly careful about what message they are trying to convey. The power of visuals is very great.

 Many would be a tad dismissive of my thoughts on this. Possibly, many will also say that I am reading a bit too much into a commercial. Some of my friends will grin and remember an ex of mine (who stuck around for quite a while ) who could impress me only by feeding stray dogs! I later found out that he was a huge phoney and loser. Shouldn’t have ignored my dogs’ dislike of him 🙂 Ha!

Alright, check this out. Wouldn’t you rather buy a Chevy ? I would.

C’mon Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, get the dog in front,please.A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself!


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