Last Sunday, I watched ‘Demolition” in the new and spectacular multi-theatre complex,  PVR Logix City Centre, in Noida, National Capital Region. It is  India’s Biggest Superplex with 15 screens .Lavish and pretty awesome! Well worth a visit!

I liked the movie which has got some great acting by a favorite actor Jake Gyllenhaal. A review says “Tonally, ‘Demolition’ feels a bit like a Chuck Palahniuk book: dark, nihilistic, sarcastic — but less Fight Club, more Survivor or Diary”. That kind of sums up , both, the USP and the message of the film ,  in which Jake Gyllenhaal plays a successful investment banker, Davis Mitchell, whose wife dies in a tragic car accident. Despite his father-in-law/boss Phil (Chris Cooper) encouraging him to get his life back on track, Davis starts  unraveling and coming apart.   He  takes recourse in an  odd coping mechanism: taking things apart — refrigerators, computers, bathroom stalls, his own house etc etc.  Davis meets another woman (Naomi Watts) and her young son (Judah Lewis)  and the the three bond which helps not just him but all of them to rebuild their lives.

A movie’s sound score is always of great interest to me. The songs/numbers/music which is used by the director gives me a peek into his mind , which I will, either ,love or hate. You see I am a Scorpion…absolutely, a no no to in-betweens 🙂 Well, the director of this film,Jean-Marc Vallée ? ( )   I find his choice/use of music and his  mind fascinating !

I am going to list three numbers that is used in the movie which thrilled me.

 (1) “MR. BIG” (Live at Sunderland /1970)
Written by Andy Fraser, Simon Kirke, Paul Kossoff, and Paul Rodgers
Performed by Free

 ( 2) “CRAZY ON YOU”
Written by Ann Wilson Dustin, Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson,
and Roger Douglas Fisher
Performed by Heart

Written by James Edward Olliges, Jr
Performed by My Morning Jacket

 That’s all from the accidental sufi, guys. Its going to be a long weekend for me, beginning tomorrow! And I will be celebrating love with the beloved who flys in from London tonite 🙂 What shall I tell him, Neruda ? Yes…this “There were thirst and hunger, and you were the fruit.
There were grief and the ruins, and you were the miracle “

Au Revoir!


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