August in July

( Blogging after a hiatus 🙂 Was away taking care of my Mom who was unwell. Hope my blog pals and readers are doing great 🙂

Over lunch today with my colleagues, conversation veered around to books , especially by  Indian authors.

A very similar state of being as the main protagonist, Agastya Sen,  perhaps made me tell all that ‘English August: An Indian Story” by Upamanyu Chatterjee is one of the finest writing I have come across. When I read the book, nearly 18 years back, I identified with it so totally, it was uncanny! Years later, I still identify with it. But have accepted what the protagonist ‘s father tells him- he quotes Marcus Aurelius-that contradictions lie within us and we need to look inwards to sort them out.

The wit and sarcasm in the book is darkly delicious as Agastya embarks on a  path of self discovery.His irreverence is refreshing , but as he mocks and we laugh at the audacity of it all,   the deep malaise that afflicts the self and thus the State , cry out for redemption.


 An excerpt from the book :  “In his essay,Agastya had said that his real ambition was to be a domesticated male stray dog because they lived the best life.They were assured of food,and because they were stray they didn’t have to guard a house or beg or shake paws or fetch trifles or be clean or anything similarly meaningless to earn their food.They were servile and sycophantic when hungry;once fed,and before sleep,they wagged their tails perfunctorily whenever their hosts passes,as an investment for future meals.A stray dog was free,he slept a lot,barked unexpectedly and only when he wanted to,and got a lot of sex.”

Go enjoy! This is essential reading, guys 🙂

And a song I am currently fixated on and plays on repeat mode An old favorite, though 🙂



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