( While you read , listen to this



This story is about Layla, a Great Dane.


Layla wasn’t just a dog who was rescued by Friendicoes and adopted by me five years back.


She and I , in the words of the beautiful JIm Morrison, were riders on the storm.


She came into my life and rescued me ,actually. Layla silenced my demons and danced with my angels.


I was going through a major personal crisis.


My marriage of twelve years had broken up.Although, I was very sure that I would not spend my life with a man who had turned into a stranger,  all those who have gone through it would agree that it is tough. And tough if you are a woman. And especially more tough, if you are and also perceived to be from a higher “ status’ family vis-a-vis the husband who spared no effort in painting  a picture of me as a  spoilt-arrogant-rich- bitch.


Rant:I am so bloody glad he is out of my life. It was my mistake all along. I failed to read/recognize the warning signs! The chap didn’t like dogs or Led Zeppelin


Auto suggestion: Stop!


Yes, let me not digress by talking about a deplorable human and a loser .


Let me tell you , instead, about a beautiful animal and a winner.


Layla’s story is a typical one which I have seen in my many, many years of being associated with animal rights and welfare. A pedigreed puppy bought for a huge sum of money to enhance status. The puppy grows into a huge Great Dane who requires love and attention,daily walks,exercise, grooming, nutritious food and supplements- all of which cannot be handled by Chotu or the private security guard, who proceed to abuse/hit the dog and keep her chained.The  Great Dane turns aggressive, falls sick and is then promptly dumped in Friendicoes.


‘Can you take her in , Aparajita ? “, asked ( the very wonderful) Geeta Sheshmani of Friendicoes, a trifle desperately. That evening, I remember, nine dogs of various pedigrees and age  had been abandoned at the already overflowing shelter.It was human callousness and cowardice at its worst!Abandoning that dog who was completely dependent on you for no fault of his except that he was either sick or old or you were leaving town!


I hesitated. I had never kept a Great Dane before and knew nothing about the breed. I worried that I stayed in a first floor apartment. I had a demanding job. The dog was aggressive. And  I also was not ready for another dog I felt. I had just lost my Boxer girl and my three other ones had been dropped off in my parents’ home as I planned to take a break and just travel ( Read: wander)


One look at that regal face and the  Eric Clapton moment happened ‘Layla, you got me on my knees”. We both fell for each other! ‘’Alpha females bonding” , laughed my sister, when I told her about bringing Layla home.


That is how a great friendship and love story started . MIne & Layla’s.


Her world revolved around me and me alone. Though she was attached to my family when they came visiting, her eyes would search mine out and signal that she loved me best. She would sleep the whole day ,  only to wake up at 6 pm, when she knew I would be returning.She never lost that aggressiveness towards people and her fierce protection towards me sent many a Romeos wanting to come up for coffee, scurrying. Those fact and fiction about a single woman being ‘hunted’ ? Well, Layla jaan pooh-pooed them away with her  deep throated bark that struck fear in the most amorous male heart and other male appendages! Great Danes are called gentle giants. Yes,  with me she was gentle …an exquisite tenderness which wrapped my heart and soul in deep layers of unconditional love.


As for me. Layla was the most important person in my life too. Even in the dead December cold of Delhi, I would wake up at 4 am and take her for a two hour walk every day in the Jahanpannah city forest and park.  That did me a whole lotta good actually , saving me from stress binging!When my  Bong cook would disappear because of the repeated excuses of “ami bemaar”,’’ bou bemaar’’, ‘baaacha bhishon bemaar”, I would exist on leftover pizza, but  would cook Layla’s food every day. I preferred spending time with her instead of attending all the happening do’s that I keep getting invited to. My holidays were infrequent too. Not because Layla wouldn’t have been looked after, but because even a few days away from her seemed an eternity. Life felt so incomplete without that beloved face next to me in the morning.


LIke all Danes, she was great fun and goofy too!  Those moment of Dane craziness resulted in many broken vases and punctured cushions. And the Lord help me,she honestly thought she was a lap dog ! Her great weakness was Britannia’s ‘Little Heart ‘ biscuits and chicken tikka, a weird snack combo, we adopted for our Friday night JIm Morrison, Led Zeppelin, JImi Hendrix etc etc jam sessions.  Oh yeah, we were solid , old school rocker chicks!


I lost her to the dreaded bloat disease.It was very quick.She thankfully did not suffer much.I rushed her to the vet praying like I have never prayed before in my life. But, we both knew in those fleeting seconds before she collapsed, that we have to let go of each other. Her eyes looked into mine and I read them .’’ This is the end, beautiful friend…..my only friend”, she told me.


She died in my arms.


I wept like I have never wept before and understood for the first time what being broken meant .


I know I will never get over that feeling of complete loss and abandonment. I dont want to also.It is a very bitter sweet feeling ,you know. Thinking about her causes me great pain and great happiness, both. I will adjust to live in that love and loss,once again…slowly rebuild myself. I will become whole again but I will never be the same.


I grieve her and I know it is forever .For grief and love come together.I realize that no one can take Layla’s place . I have loved many a times…all the beautiful animals who have been a part of my heart and life. But, she will rule over them all . ….the queen of hearts.


Here are a few photographs of Layla & me. I smile , through my tears as I listen to the very recognized, very loved riffs of Clapton’s ‘’ Layla’….remembering and yearning .

Camera360_2016_7_27_090952.jpgPicsArt_05-03-2016 13_06_07.jpgcamera360_2016_5_29_071051camera360_2016_5_28_122619camera360_2016_3_26_024504camera360_2016_3_26_024427camera360_2016_2_27_010421camera360_2014_11_12_072955camera360_2015_10_1_110933camera360_2016_1_10_012013camera360_2015_6_6_093549

Why I named My Dog ‘Marlon Brando’

Sometime back, I adopted a dog from the Friendicoes shelter here in New Delhi. He is a young Boxer male and was typically dumped outside the shelter at night. Outwardly, except for being thin and a little skin problem, the dog appeared fine. Everyone at Friendicoes and me wondered about this case because the Boxer is in his prime and highly pedigreed. A month after welcoming him into my heart and home, I found out that he has malignant venereal tumors which need prolonged and expensive treatment that includes chemotherapy. I am happy to report that he is responding well to the treatment under one of the finest vets, Dr Prabhakar, at Friendicoes. The good doctor has magic in his fingers !

I named the Boxer , Marlon after the legendary actor Marlon Brando. Everyone smiles when they hear his name. The ladies sigh, remembering the smoldering and sensual Brando. Film enthusiasts get delirious and talk excitedly about his films and the powerful characters that he essayed.

And then comes the inevitable question. Why did I name him Marlon Brando ? Some put it down to me being a huge fan or he being a cultural icon. Both assumptions are correct.
But most importantly what placed him firmly in my consciousness and being is that Marlon Brando stood up for the alienated and the dispossessed. And he did it oh so flamboyantly and stylishly. I am a huge sucker for any man who tends to live larger than life, the man who chooses to walk un-trodden paths, the man who refuses to be chained by the sometimes hypocritical and immoral chains of society….the one who dances to distant and different drums.

On the eve of the 1972 Oscars, Brando announced that he would boycott the ceremony, and would send Sacheen Littlefeather in his place. After Brando’s name was announced as Best Actor for ‘The Godfather’, the presenter Roger Moore attempted to hand the Oscar to Littlefeather, but she brushed it aside, saying that Brando could not accept the award. Littlefeather read a portion of a lengthy statement Brando had written.Brando had been involved in social causes for years, speaking publicly in support of the formation of a Jewish state in the 1940s, as well as for African-American civil rights and the Black Panther Party. His Oscar statement expressed support for the American Indian Movement (AIM) and referenced the ongoing situation at Wounded Knee, the South Dakota town that had been seized by AIM members the previous month and was currently under siege by U.S. military forces. Wounded Knee had also been the site of a massacre of Native Americans by U.S. government forces in 1890.
Here is the excerpt:

It is the hour in my country as well as that of rest of the world to abandon all notions of ‘otherness’ and instead embrace ‘togetherness’. Only an intermixing colors will reveal a new rainbow world.
Here is the full speech that Marlon Brando. I really wish he had delivered it in person. Truly would have gone down in history as one of the greatest speeches.

For 200 years we have said to the Indian people who are fighting for their land, their life, their families and their right to be free: ”Lay down your arms, my friends, and then we will remain together. Only if you lay down your arms, my friends, can we then talk of peace and come to an agreement which will be good for you.”
When they laid down their arms, we murdered them. We lied to them. We cheated them out of their lands. We starved them into signing fraudulent agreements that we called treaties which we never kept. We turned them into beggars on a continent that gave life for as long as life can remember. And by any interpretation of history, however twisted, we did not do right. We were not lawful nor were we just in what we did. For them, we do not have to restore these people, we do not have to live up to some agreements, because it is given to us by virtue of our power to attack the rights of others, to take their property, to take their lives when they are trying to defend their land and liberty, and to make their virtues a crime and our own vices virtues.
But there is one thing which is beyond the reach of this perversity and that is the tremendous verdict of history. And history will surely judge us. But do we care? What kind of moral schizophrenia is it that allows us to shout at the top of our national voice for all the world to hear that we live up to our commitment when every page of history and when all the thirsty, starving, humiliating days and nights of the last 100 years in the lives of the American Indian contradict that voice?
It would seem that the respect for principle and the love of one’s neighbor have become dysfunctional in this country of ours, and that all we have done, all that we have succeeded in accomplishing with our power is simply annihilating the hopes of the newborn countries in this world, as well as friends and enemies alike, that we’re not humane, and that we do not live up to our agreements.
Perhaps at this moment you are saying to yourself what the hell has all this got to do with the Academy Awards? Why is this woman standing up here, ruining our evening, invading our lives with things that don’t concern us, and that we don’t care about? Wasting our time and money and intruding in our homes.
I think the answer to those unspoken questions is that the motion picture community has been as responsible as any for degrading the Indian and making a mockery of his character, describing his as savage, hostile and evil. It’s hard enough for children to grow up in this world. When Indian children watch television, and they watch films, and when they see their race depicted as they are in films, their minds become injured in ways we can never know.
Recently there have been a few faltering steps to correct this situation, but too faltering and too few, so I, as a member in this profession, do not feel that I can as a citizen of the United States accept an award here tonight. I think awards in this country at this time are inappropriate to be received or given until the condition of the American Indian is drastically altered. If we are not our brother’s keeper, at least let us not be his executioner.
I would have been here tonight to speak to you directly, but I felt that perhaps I could be of better use if I went to Wounded Knee to help forestall in whatever way I can the establishment of a peace which would be dishonorable as long as the rivers shall run and the grass shall grow.
I would hope that those who are listening would not look upon this as a rude intrusion, but as an earnest effort to focus attention on an issue that might very well determine whether or not this country has the right to say from this point forward we believe in the inalienable rights of all people to remain free and independent on lands that have supported their life beyond living memory.
Thank you for your kindness and your courtesy to Miss Littlefeather. Thank you and good night.

The Power Of Commercials

So, I was idly watching television and came across the commercial featured above.Its the Mahindra KUV 100 which has been recently launched. The commercial, in the words of the company, features the ‘Young SUV’ and the ‘Dashing’ Varun Dhawan.

To me , it also features an adorable Boxer dog.

As the commercial progresses, one sees that the main protagonist picks up his friends, goes on an awesome drive, chills out on a great looking spot etc. Then he spots a rather pretty girl sitting on the bonnet of the vehicle who he proceeds to take on a drive.  At the end,he gets lucky, says the commercial, which translates to both hitching up and yeah, he ‘gets a life’.All pretty nice and gung-ho, I must say. Except that it rankled that the man forgot his dog! When the man does get back to his friends & dog along with his lady love and vrooms away, the Boxer dog no longer sits by his side. Its the girlfriend who sits in the front seat to soon sidles closer to him. The end shot is the girl friend sitting between the man and his friend. The dog is in the back seat.

To me , that’s epic fail! I would much rather that the dog sat in the front seat and finally always between the man and the girl! Wouldn’t you want that too ?

That gets me to two important issues:

  1.  In  all my years of loving animals and working with rescues/shelters, I have come across  many abandonment cases  of pets when a special new human walks into the owner’s life. Usually its a baby and the reasons are that he/she is allergic to dog fur or that the now poor ignored dog is’ hostile ‘ to the baby. Sometimes it has been the unbelievable ‘My girl/boyfriend or husband/wife doesn’t like dogs’ ! Both are absolutely horrible and stupid reasons for abandoning your pet! Animals are very special people actually. They feel just as we feel- a whole gamut of emotions including jealousy. So they need to feel included whenever there is a change in the family size. And, seriously, I don’t think I would like to stay with a man who wont accept my dog. That translates to him not accepting someone/something I love, right? He really does not care about my happiness; is not willing to adjust;would tend to be dismissive of anything that is not on his radar.
  2. Lets talk of the power of advertisements and commercials. As always they are, both, reflective of the times we live in and also a means to tell us what the ‘ideal’ is. They can be and most are powerful agents of social change and influence behavior . Thus,  models today face flak for influencing women, especially young girls, to be emaciated, anorexic and bulimic in order to look fashionable and chic. Positively, in India we have had in the recent past commercials which seek to promote tolerance, celebrate diversity, empower women etc. As such, ad people and commercials directors should be truly careful about what message they are trying to convey. The power of visuals is very great.

 Many would be a tad dismissive of my thoughts on this. Possibly, many will also say that I am reading a bit too much into a commercial. Some of my friends will grin and remember an ex of mine (who stuck around for quite a while ) who could impress me only by feeding stray dogs! I later found out that he was a huge phoney and loser. Shouldn’t have ignored my dogs’ dislike of him 🙂 Ha!

Alright, check this out. Wouldn’t you rather buy a Chevy ? I would.

C’mon Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, get the dog in front,please.A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself!

Dante’s Inferno

 A  dark, well built, hot, Italian guy walked into my life yesterday.Not only is he uber handsome but the guy is intelligent and brainy too. In fact, he is  a literary genius and the ‘ il Sommo Poeta’. He is called Dante :).  Here is this absolutely gorgeous guy’s pic :

Dante   dante 1   dante 2

 Well guys and the world, I fall in love yet again 🙂 With a ‘divinely comic’ Boxer dog, around 10 months old and the fourth child of an Italian couple here in India.

 Let me tell you mine  and Dante’s story.

My family has always had a soft corner for the Boxer breed. They are delightful beings , full of attitude, tremendous energy,  huge clowns, fiercely loyal and passionate slobber-ers! Between October- December 2013, I lost a bro-sis Boxer duo,called Joshua & Danielle. They had lived upto the ripe old age of 14, ruling my family with their benevolent despotism. In January this year, I said goodbye to my beloved Boxer girl, Jill. She was a rescued and adopted from ‘Friendicoes’ ( animal shelter & NGO). The house and my heart  felt strangely empty without the exuberance and boisterous buffoonery of a Boxer dog. People who own/have owned a Boxer will know what I am talking about here.

So I told my friend, who is associated with Friendicoes, to let me know if a Boxer comes up for adoption. ‘Why don’t I get you one of them show pups?”, asked another  annoyingly rich,friend of mine, adding ‘Will an adult dog be able to bond with you ?”. I felt a trifle irritated and snapped ‘Kabir, we are great friends right? Did you know me when I was in my diapers ?”. He hurriedly withdrew at the manic gleam in my eyes! I tend to lose patience  with people who give me this absolutely stupid, in-ward looking logic that one can bond  ONLY with a baby, either human or animal. I have very , very strong views on adoption and consider it to be true religion, the hallmark of compassion and the barometer of gauging what/how ‘being human’ we are.  Love doesn’t need to smell of your womb, you know!

Well, my animal rescuer friend told me that an Italian couple who were leaving India wanted to give up their dog and would I be interested ?

At this point, I am pretty sure, many of you would be having a negative and angry feeling about this Italian couple, right ? Thoughts like ‘ How can they do that ?’, ‘ A pet is a commitment for life’ etc .

To be frank, the same thought crossed my mind too, when I rang the bell  of the couple’s house. I had gone to see Dante and they wanted to know who they were giving Dante to. I was un-prepared for what happened next. I saw a very courteous, soft-spoken ,middle-aged man who loved this dog like his own child.The great love between both was palpable, beautiful and tender.

He got me a glass of water and settled down to telling me about Dante. As he spoke, his eyes became moist. He told me that he and his family absolutely did not want to leave Dante behind. They were ready to pay all the charges, however exorbitant But, the airlines were not ready to take the responsibility of transferring the dog because of the  high risk involved. Boxers, and some other breeds like pugs, bull dogs  etc  that are  short -nosed ( brachycephalic) are very  vulnerable to changes in air quality and temperature in the cargo hold of a plane. Although pets are transported in pressurized cargo holds and get much the same air that the passengers in the cabin do, the air circulation  is not  ideal for them.( since the dog is in a crate that  affects ventilation too). In addition, nobody is there in the  hold area that can monitor the dog   and provide help if needed ! There are  a horribly huge number of pet causalities due to this. Although, the couple’s friend was the cargo-head of a major airline and  ready to help, he warned them about possible consequences. ‘How can I take him along, knowing that I will put him to risk of death?, he asked me. I nodded my head in agreement, feeling the man’s anguish and helplessness.

And I told him that he has nothing to worry about.Dante would be my child too. This is destiny and perhaps my love for pizza and pasta that is working :).   I met his very lovely wife and children too. The relief and smiles on their face made me think that Dante was so lucky to have had their love.

Well guys, I have always learned something valuable  from each and every animal that has touched my life. Dante has taught me not to be judgmental… to never judge others and jump to hasty conclusions because one simply may not know what someone is experiencing in their life. I had  for a brief while, wrongly judged this beautiful Italian couple. I found out they were genuine and caring people….they wanted only the best for Dante…..they were courageous even while they hurt. Dante also gave me something else 🙂 Yeah, new friends in Giovanni & Francesca. We shall all remain in touch and anytime they are in India, they will meet Dante 🙂

As for me, I have jumped into ‘Dante’s Inferno” joyously.  I have a happy, happy grin on my face. Dante’s snores last night sounded like music to me. My face and skin glow with all the excited slobbering and sloppy kisses he bestows on me. My other dogs have welcomed this new kid in town with glee…the more , the merrier.My excitable, over-angsty Bengali cook is worried whether he needs to learn Italian now ? I have told him to shut up and make pizza for dinner.

 Its the 750th anniversary of Dante Aligheri’s birth, in 2015. And I am celebrating it in my own way…loving a dog called Dante 🙂

Ta, guys…this is what I am humming:

The Woman In Red

Red is the first color of spring. It’s the real color of rebirth. Of beginning. Of never ending 🙂

toes 1  toes  toes 2

Feet : Own

Nail Polish: Bobbi Brown, “Siren Red ”

Silver Toe Rings : Gift from a friend

Jeans: Levi’s Revel ( Demi Curve)

Antique Silver Anklet :  Legacy of my  maternal Grandmother

We love red 😀 Yeah! Check out my Brucie boy, too 😀


Ready to rock now 😉 Joan Jett sets the mood 😉 Nah, I don’t hate myself for loving him 😉

The guy is  certified bad ass  😀 My dogs love him too 😀

Ta ,guys ❤

At Home

How the accidental sufi is romancing and being romanced this evening 🙂


There is laughter and love.I am home.Now come the whispers…bearing bouquets of moonbeams…and sunlight tremblings. (Abherjani).

This song makes sense to me now 🙂

A Love Story

Love Story ( Erich Segal, take a walk) :D.

Starring: The accidental sufi as the ‘black kitten’ and her guy as ‘the black pup’ 😀

Act I: http://youtu.be/qBsEF7Qx09o


Act II: http://youtu.be/dGKnSdikqjw


Act III:http://youtu.be/crbFmpezO4A

Black Pug pup, Victor, with black kitten, Panther

Act IV:http://youtu.be/PQt7CXkWjtU


Act V:http://youtu.be/CHekNnySAfM

Black Pug pup Victor with black kitten Panther

Act VI:http://youtu.be/p8-pP4VboBk


Act VII:http://youtu.be/RhplPhRlsRk


And they lived happily ever after.

The End 🙂

PS: And the Oscar goes to the accidental sufi as the black kitten.Naturally 😉

PPS:Its Jimmy Page’s birthday today.Turns 71 today and man, is he still hot! I guess there might be men who look good at this age, but to have lived through the excesses of Led Zeppelin and still look so damn beautiful, is truly epic.Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Waiting for new music from you ! I LOVE YA!

PPPS: Ummm….my cosmic mate, you just need to worry bout James Patrick Page 😀

[ All photographs from the Internet for Illustration only]

Gotcha Dad!

The accidental sufi has such a gleeful smile on her face, guys 😀 For the first time in my life perhaps, I rallied  from a position of moral high horse where my Dad is concerned. My Dad , whom me and my sister refer to as ‘The Don’ for all his Don Corleone high handedness!

For years, I have  listened to his sermons about my ‘disgraceful’ lifestyle which includes addiction to Led Zeppelin, pizzas,general disregard for all societal rules and  yes, the exasperation at my ever expanding motley crew of  rescued dogs, cats, birds, monkeys etc. I have put up with his  pompous and self-righteous statements like ” I wish you cared about your  Dad as you do for this miserable bulldog” . This was after I had made his favorite cheese omelet and crisp toast with butter and honey. Its another matter that Jigar, my English bulldog stole his omelet while was imperiously reading the newspaper  😀

Well, day before yesterday, my Dad was in our holiday home in Puri ( a beach town in Cuttack,Odisha). He normally spends a lot of time there. I guess this great love for the sea that  I have,  is inherited from him. A little  stray puppy, around two months old, was run over by a  motorcycle. The motorcyclist sped away without a second glance. The puppy screamed in pain, got up and tottered past my Dad standing at the gate  and into our home. The chap who works for us told me that Shahib got very concerned and immediately asked  for water to be brought for the little fella and if needs be, rush him to the vet. Mercifully, the little pup was fine except for a grazed leg. Reports have reached me that my Dad then personally bandaged the pup, fed him biscuits and asked that he be allowed to sit at the entrance and sun himself 🙂 Then, he called me and told me this incident with ” Let it recover, then of course  he has to go”, much to my irritation. By evening, the pup had found its way to my Dad’s bedroom and both were watching  television. The next morning, they both had breakfast together on the terrace.

My Dad called me up to say very cryptically ” Accha, I have named the pup ‘Tommy’ ”. I was ecstatic at the bonding and furious  at the name, which I felt was rather common. Further, I was not consulted about the name.All our pets are named by me .Period. I would have liked to call the pup ‘Sydhartha’. A combination of  two of my very favorite people.  The insane and beautiful Syd Barrett and Sidhartha  or Gautam Buddha whom I wanted to talk about renunciation.Especially, his ‘In the end,these things matter most:How well did you love?How fully did you live?How deeply did you let go?”. Questions that trouble me a lot. But that’s for another day 🙂

Me : So Dad, you have adopted Tommy ?

Dad : No, I am not a sentimental fool like you. Tommy adopted me.


Me: I hate the name though.

Dad: I never asked for your approval.

That was that.

This morning he called me to tell me  very philosophically ( euphemism for pompously) that  God doesn’t make men like him anymore and how this should be conveyed to my  Ma 😀 I learned  that they had had a disagreement about something absolutely trivial but my Ma was refusing to take his call 🙂 And then suddenly he told me for the first time about a little male stray pup, white with brown patches and soulful brown eyes, which he had as a child.He was very attached to the pup who grew up into a beloved dog.Some years later he died of a snakebite.In my father’s arms. He was called Tommy.

They certainly don’t make men like you anymore, Dad 🙂 Strong and beautiful!  “I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom” ( Umberto Eco)

Animals are such special people .As John Grogan says about his dog Marley “He taught us the art of unqualified love. How to give it, how to accept it. Where there is that, most other pieces fall into place”

And welcome to the family, Tommy! Say what, I quite love  Tommy Hilfiger stuff :).

Oh, you bloody humans!

Human nature  and its study deeply fascinates me. Seems to be a heavy kind of statement and heavy kind of a blog post for an absolutely fabulous Sunday morning out here in New Delhi, India. Even the Gods are singing ‘Wish they were Here’. The plants in my balcony are green and smiling. The sun is gold and mellow.The cook is  surprisingly in a good mood and has offered to make ‘pulao’ and ‘shahi paneer’ for lunch.The dogs are quiet and watching the  National Geographic channel. The maid is putting warm, coconut oil in my hair.Robert Plant is howling divinely that he wants to be my backdoor man.Ooh!

Majority of the homes would be having a near perfect scenario like mine albeit with differing parameters of happiness. Sundays, globally are treasured,right ? People are just being happy and content.

Except for a few people whose actions and attitude I find deeply malignant and sadistic. These are the ones who send you those  positive text/sms unfailingly every morning, sometimes during the day and just before you sleep at night. Most of the texts have painful words ” Wok is God”, ”Forgive your enemy’, ”Embrace the faults in others”, ”Time and tide wait for none” ,’Smile in adversity”etc etc. Nothing inspirational like ‘ Chocolate is salad coz cocoa is a plant’,’Screw the boss’ ( not literally,pl), ‘Kill thy neighbor” etc. Such senders of malicious texts I ave noticed get all excited on a Sunday. They are free and have lots of time to plot more scary texts. Like the one I received this morning @ 6 am which read  “ARISE, AWAKE, SLEEP NO MORE; within each of you there is the power to remove all wants and all miseries. Believe this, and that power will be manifested”. It is a quote by Swami Vivekanand, whom I do admire deeply.But somehow it  didn’t feel very motivational at 6am, coming from a person who is an absolute ignoramus ( euphemism for a***h***) but has immense powers of Googling and enormous amounts of  free time on a Sunday.

That also brings me to the creepier dimensions of such texting.While the ‘send to all’ is relatively comforting because you realize many have been harassed, its the customized ones with ‘Hi/Dear & your name’ plus the message by acquaintances/people you barely know  which totally freaks me out. I mean why is this guy remembering me ? What is he remembering about me ? The problem worsens because I have a habit of storing names on my mobile as ” Rohit Car Repair guy”, “Danish Theater ticket wala” etc. The ones I know may have their names stored as ”  Kapoor Office MCBC ( short for you know what)”, ”Mr Arora Neighbor Moron’, ‘ Arora’s Fat wife’ etc.

When  such people didn’t use their mobiles much,they traumatized you by the email forwards. Remember that?


( Photo from the Internet)

Today, they are the ones who also use social networking cruelly I feel. They send you mindless game requests. They add you to strange groups without your permission; some  friend added me to a group ”Naughty @ Forty”.Jeez! They sign you up for ”Causes” & ‘Petitions’ that are totally random. Research by me has also shown that these are the people who mostly use the annoying ”Poke” button on FB and that too @ weird times. This harmless looking chap , whom I have un-friended now, would ‘poke’ me at 11 pm unfailingly, which made me wonder if this was a fetish! Eeek!

Sometime back there was this brilliant post doing the rounds on FB . How to flummox annoyingly spiritual people/unwanted guests/perhaps your in-laws/most certainly your neighbor asking you to lower the music  etc  who show up at your door. By having a lethally potent door knocker.


( Photo from the Internet)

Perhaps, such extreme measures are needed for  people who send you either unwanted or annoying texts. It seems many of us are victims of this New Age crime. I was surfing the Net and found  this http://imgur.com/L0E5w

Over & Out, fellas 🙂